Relationship Experts Reveal 10 Tips To Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

Long-distance relationships aren’t impossible. They just require a lot of commitment and hard work.

One would think that in the age of social media, couples should have no problems with navigating their way through long-distance relationships. But that isn’t necessarily the case. There are just certain facets of physical closeness in a relationship that modern technology can’t seem to replicate.

There is something just so different in being able to reach over to your partner on the other side of the bed whenever you want to feel their touch at night. It’s just different. And ultimately, if you are going to want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you really need to be living together at some point.

Another potential challenge that a long-distance relationship may pose is the insecurity that comes with it. You never really get to know what your partner is up to and so you just have to bring yourself to trust them. But sometimes, giving that kind of trust to another person is never easy – especially when it’s just far easier to lie about things nowadays.

Now even though long-distance relationships are hard doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they’re impossible. You just have to make sure that you are both trying your best to make the relationship work  and you both stay committed to ensuring the longevity of your romance. And if you are feeling lost with that, then that’s what this article is for. Relationship experts have revealed certain tips to making sure that you are giving ourselves the best shot at making your relationship work despite the distance.

1. Set goals for your relationship and work towards those goals.

It’s always nice to be working towards something in your relationship. Having shared goals and visions gives your relationship structure and purpose. It gives you both a sense of direction; it gives you security in knowing that your relationship isn’t wandering aimlessly; that your relationship is actually going somewhere.

2. Have a proper system of communication in place.

Communication is going to be an issue if you don’t have a real system in place for it. Have a routine that the both of you can fall back on as a couple on a regular basis.

3. Reassure each other of your mutual love and affection.

Never leave any room for doubt or insecurity in your relationship. Always make sure that your partner knows just how much you love them. You should never give them any reason to question your love for them.

4. Communicate your needs to one another often.

As your relationship grows and evolves, your own personal needs and expectations might evolve as well. And it’s important for the both of you to be consistently communicating your needs and expectations to one another. It’s the only way the both of you are going to be on the same page moving forward with your relationship.

5. Don’t put the phone down until you resolve a fight.

You are going to have your fights – it happens. But don’t make the mistake of just ending a call because you are too upset to deal with it. It’s rude and disrespectful and you’re just going to end up regretting it. Don’t let your feelings get the best of you and learn to resolve your issues like mature adults.

6. Send each other pictures to serve as daily updates or glimpses into your lives.

Be visual. Modern technology has allowed for this to be easy for you. It’s a great way to update one another on how your lives are going. Visual stimulation is always great.

7. Always see yourselves as a team.

Remember that you are both equals – and you both need to invest as much as the other into your relationship. You both need to be working as a tandem. It can be hard to find that balance, but once you get a natural rhythm that the two of you can work with, then it makes sustaining the relationship a lot easier.

8. Engage in deep and difficult conversations often.

Get deep with one another. Have difficult conversations. It’s a great way of really being intimate with one another. Just because you can’t be close to one another physically doesn’t mean that you can’t get closer to one another on an emotional level.

9. Remember to live great individual lives outside of your relationship.

Sometimes, because of all of the energy and effort that goes into making long-distance relationships work, people will tend to make their whole lives revolve around their relationships. And that’s a mistake. It’s very important that you still live a healthy life for yourself outside of your relationship; a life that you can genuinely be proud to call your own.

10. Send each other gifts and tokens.

Just because you’re far from one another doesn’t mean you can’t do nice things for each other anymore. There is nothing stopping you from sending each other gifts and tokens. Even though you can’t be there for them yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t give them anything that can remind them of you and your love.

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