Restaurant Server Called Out Customers Who Pay Small Tips and Said He’s Entitled to a Minimum 20% Tip

A frustrated server called out bad tippers on the internet and divided people in their opinions.

Ben Raanan from Los Angeles, who works as a server at a restaurant, took to his TikTok account and called out people who leave small tips after spending hundreds of dollars on their food.

“Okay, this is for all you bad tippers out there,” he said. “If you’re a bad tipper, listen up. Okay, if you don’t know how to tip, I get that. But for your information, 10 dollar is not cute like it used to be. It’s not the 1950s, it’s not the 2000s anymore.”

“Inflation means that $10 is not worth that much anymore. You can’t just leave a little cute $5, a little cute $10 for your server, and think like that’s fun and cute. It’s not!”

Ben added that if any customer pays $50 for their food, then it’s okay to leave a $10 tip as that’s 20% of $50. But if someone pays $200 as their bill and gives $10 as a tip, then that’s messed up.

“That’s an insult,” he said. “Don’t do that at a restaurant, if you come back to my restaurant after leaving me 5%, or 10%. I’m gonna say something.” I’m gonna be like, ‘was there a problem with your service last time?’ Because you tip 10%, 5% and that’s not a good tip. Imma put you on the spot.”

He continued, “Servers, we honestly need to start doing that because this is messed up. People shouldn’t be doing that. If you don’t know how to calculate the tip, take the bill, move it one decimal point, that’s 10%, double it, and that’s 20%. That’s what you should tip.”

The video went viral on TikTok with over 258K views and received more than 5,000 comments. People in the comment section had different things to say to Ben.

“I tip when the food is good and the service is above and beyond. You aren’t entitled to a 20% tip, if you don’t like it, then get another job,” one user wrote.

“Get a better job,” another wrote.

“Who created the 20% rule anyways lol?” a third user asked. “We always tip 20 but this video rubbed me the wrong way. It’s what I want to give not HAVE to.”

“Do not blame the customers, blame your boss for not paying you what you deserve,” another person commented.

“I get paid $15.95 an hour and you expect me to leave 10 dollars as a tip, please explain,” someone asked.

“I never understood why I have to pay more just because the food was expensive. The service stays the same if my plate $10 vs $40,” said another.

“Come at your employers with that. They making bank not paying you while you are mad at the wrong people. how do they get away with paying $2?” said someone else.

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Source: TikTok

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