Robert Downey Jr. was the First Person to Congratulate Johnny Depp after he Won the Trial, “John, Thank God it’s Over!”

The six-week-long legal battle between former couple Amber Heard and Johnny Depp reached its end with the jury’s verdict in favor of the ‘Edward Scissorhands’ actor. On Wednesday, June 2, 2022, the jury announced that Amber Heard falsely accused her ex-husband Johnny Depp of domestic issues.

Heard wrote an op-ed in 2018 in Washington Post, in which she stated that she had survived domestic violence and abuse. She didn’t explicitly name Johnny; however, it was evident who she was pointing the finger at.

So, in response, Depp sued her for defaming him. Then the Aquaman actress countersued him for his contrary statements in which he called her a liar.

Their legal fight officially started in April, when the Virginia Court decided to look into this matter and, after listening to both sides, decided in favor of Johnny Depp.

People rejoiced and celebrated worldwide after his long-anticipated victory against the Aquaman star. While Fans wrote celebratory messages & wishes on social media, celebrities and friends called the Pirates of the Caribbean actor to congratulate him on his historic win.

Among the celebrities who called Depp after the jury’s verdict, Robert Downey Jr. was the first to call the actor.

According to Johnny’s close friend, Josh Richman, the Iron Man star Face-Timed Depp and congratulated him.

“John, Thank God it’s over.” He said to Johnny.

The New York Post reported that Richman revealed this conversation during the charity live stream event for Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles.

“Other than Robert Downey, who Face-Timed first, he Face-Timed my phone. Cause that’s my other oldest friend of 35 years. And Robert loves Johnny. He Face-Timed me, and then you know he was like ‘John, thank God it’s over,’ and the next Face-Time was me and Adam and Johnny, and that’s for real.”

According to Josh, Johnny was in a UK hotel when the verdict was announced. He said that the 59-year-old actor didn’t show any reaction when he heard the decision. On the contrary, his friends screamed and cried joyfully, and the hotel staff applauded him for standing strong throughout the trial.

He said that even Jeff Beck flipped off the television screen when he heard that his friend had won the case.

Richman also explained that initially, Johnny had no plan to ask Kate Moss to give her statements in his favor. However, after Amber Heard stated that she knew her ex-husband once pushed Kate Moss down the stairs, it was mandatory to bring Kate on board and let her speak the truth.

“Amber Heard mentioned Moss’s name during her testimony, and the notoriously private model was ‘pissed’ and was ‘like, f-ck this,” Richman said.

Richman continued, “Her [Moss] goddaughter was like did Johnny Depp push you down the stairs?

“She was like ‘no, why would he?!'”

After the testimony, the actor invited Moss to attend his performance at the Royal Albert Hall, London, where he sang alongside Beck. And they both partied backstage after the performance.


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