Romanian Model Has New Fiancé After Inheriting UK Vicar’s £150k Estate

A 30-year-old Romanian boytoy, Florin Marin, who previously married a British vicar 54 years his senior, is now engaged to a new fiancé and enjoying a life of luxury. After the death of his elderly ex-husband, former priest Philip Clements, who passed away three years after their wedding, Marin inherited a £150,000 estate, a £2,000 monthly pension, and £100,000 in property.

Subsequently, Marin had a relationship with Spaniard Jeronimo Jesus de Vega for nearly two years before moving on to Giovanni Messina, a 53-year-old German-Italian hotel owner.

Now, Florin Marin has confirmed to Daily Mail that he and his new partner are engaged. Speaking from Baden-Baden in Germany, where he resides with his current partner, Mr. Marin stated, “Yes, I am engaged, but I’m not sure I will get married – I promised Philip I wouldn’t marry again.”

“I got engaged because I like to have a ring on my finger and I like presents but Philip was such a lovely man, I think about him all the time and he’s never far from my thoughts,” he added. “I don’t have a picture of Philip here in the new house but in Romania I have lots of pictures of him. I told Giovanni all about him and Jeronimo when we met and he said he didn’t care, he said the past is the past and the future is ours.”

“I opened the computer and showed him all about the past, and he said he didn’t care; what mattered now was us and our new life together. But I am getting old now; I will be 31 in the summer, so I am a junior sugar daddy. I am starting to get grey hair now,” shared Florin Marin.

Mr. Clements, originally from Eastry in Kent, relocated to Romania in 2017 to be with Florin but sadly passed away in the hospital three years later. The notable age difference between them attracted attention, and it even resulted in an appearance on Jeremy Kyle’s former ITV show. Despite a brief separation when Florin was with his new Spanish partner, they eventually reconciled.

Mr. Clements, who had served as a priest for 50 years with the Anglican church, retired before marrying Mr. Marin. During that time, he expressed deep affection for Florin, stating, ‘I love him to bits – if we were permanently separated, I would be the most unhappy person in the world.’

The relationship stirred anger from Philip’s two brothers, Brian and Tony, both of whom were prohibited from attending their sibling’s funeral after referring to Florin as a ‘gold-digger’. Mr. Clements had sold his £215,000 home in Sandwich, Kent, to purchase a flat in the Romanian capital Bucharest, transferring ownership to his new husband.

Mr. Clements had recently moved to Romania before falling ill in May 2020. He was brought to a hospital in Bucharest after running out of medication during the coronavirus lockdown.

 Even though he tested negative for Covid-19, Mr. Clements passed away overnight on May 31 in a room where visitors were not allowed due to lockdown restrictions. Mr. Marin expressed his sadness at the time but mentioned that two days of mourning were sufficient, stating that his late husband would not want him to remain sad.

He also mentioned that Mr. Clements had initially refused to go to the hospital for several days, developing a fever and becoming disoriented. It was only when Mr. Marin insisted that he was taken to the hospital. After being separated from his husband due to concerns about COVID-19, Mr. Clements was initially placed on a quarantined coronavirus ward and later transferred to a cardiac ward, where he eventually slipped into a coma and passed away.

Mr. Marin met his new partner some 18 months ago and initially commuted between Romania and Baden-Baden. However, he has now permanently moved to Germany. His social media reflects the glamorous holidays the couple has enjoyed, including Christmas in Gstaad, Switzerland, and trips to Lake Como, Venice, and Majorca.

“I do have expansive extravagant holidays, maybe too many. I met my new partner on the Planet Romeo, it’s a gay app – he looks a bit like Jeronimo, and we have been together for 18 months. They have similar looks and are a very similar age but are very different. Giovanni is a lovely man and I am very much in love,” he said.

Mr. Marin mentioned that he is currently working at the hotel his partner runs in Baden-Baden. He added, “I am interviewing people and hiring staff – and I am working in the kitchen.”

“I’ve had such a terrible back the last few days from being in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Giovanni says I need to earn some money to pay for my luxuries and holidays and I don’t have much to do during the days, so I’m happy to help him,” he added.

Speaking about Jeronimo, Mr. Marin added, “He just got very jealous towards the end, and we just didn’t click anymore – he became very strict with life. He got sick and then he had a heart attack, and then I tried to patch things up, but then I got anxiety, and he pushed me too much, and I said I couldn’t stay with him and it ended. He tried to message me, but I had to block him because he was bothering me.”

He continued, “I don’t speak with Philip’s two blood brothers, they p***ed me off. Philip was my husband and I was entitled to what I got. Philip’s half-brother Charles is very different – we are in contact and we send each other Christmas cards.”

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Source: Daily Mail

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