Romantic Man Popped the Big Question Along With New Porsche, Lucky Lady in Awe

Every one of us wants to experience some unique and happy moments in our lives, and a wedding proposal is undoubtedly one of them.

Some people like to receive grand and extravagant proposals, while others want something intimate and minimalistic. However, everyone wants their special moment to be extra special that they will remember and cherish for life.

A South African native took this whole ‘make it special and add a tad bit of luxury’ concept to a whole new level and proposed to the woman he loves with a highly extravagant gift – a Porsche.

Not only this, but he also spread rose petals on the floor and asked the big question with flowers.

“Will you marry me,” the petals asked.

This romantic man has stunned the Mzansi and got everyone in their feels by proposing to the woman of her dreams alongside a giant new Porsche.

The post was shared by HOBO group ZA on Facebook and drew quite a crowd. Many people were in awe and admired the lucky lady, while some commented on her looks and sounded envious. Nonetheless, everyone was quite impressed by how extraordinary gesture of this romantic man.

“Looks like flat stomach is not getting us anywhere. I quit from chasing perfect body. Right guys look beyond Mkhaba,” one woman commented under the post.

“Would have been better if the Porsche came after the proposal,” another wrote.

“And I can’t get a nigga to text me back. Oh this is beautiful. Congratulations to them both,” a third commented.

“It’s a trap she said yes because she saw a Car she knew it very well if she rejects the man she also loses a car. These people are clever and big up to the man he trapped her and won leading 10-0,” another said.

“I also want to propose, still budgeting for Porsche,” added another.

“This is what happens when you appreciated your man while he was broke until he becomes rich, this is where he embraces the love you gave him back then,” someone said.

“Good grief! She is the size of that Porsche,” another jealous person commented.

And the jealousy is understandable as, according to, “the cheapest Porsche SUV will set you back by a jaw-dropping R1.5 million, with the highest costing car clocking in at R3.5 million.”

The pictures showed the woman getting so excited and happy after her man got down on one knee and asked her if she would marry him.

She shed happy tears, and the couple shared a hug.

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Sources: HOBO Group ZA on Facebook

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  1. Absolutely love this, shame on those that showed hatred and jealous, we do live in sad pathetic world. What a precious moment though, congratulations you beautiful people and such a wonderful proposal, well done sir ❤️❤️❤️

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