Russian Influencer goes Viral for Divorcing Husband & Marrying her Stepson

They say love can come from anywhere. The story we are posting today is one such story. It’s about a Russian woman who divorced her husband to marry her stepson – later having a child with him and being happier than ever with him.

This story comes from Russia. An Instagram influencer, Marina Balmasheva, divorced her husband and married her stepson. Marina is 36-years-old, and her stepson is 21.

Marina and her ex-husband, Alexey, had a 10-year-long marriage, but things started to die down when she developed feelings for her stepson, Vladimir. She divorced Alexey and started dating Vladimir.

In 2020, the Russian influencer went viral for announcing that she and her stepson were about to get married. They also announced their first pregnancy on Instagram.

Announcing their wedding on Instagram, Marina said:

“Husband and wife ❤️ Thanks a lot for your kind words. Just like a girl wants to show off her dress”

The couple had the first daughter in January and named her Olga Vladimirovna. Baby Olga was born in a maternity hospital in Krasnodar. Ex-husband, Alexey, was not in attendance. Alexey accuses Marina of seducing his son and keeps his distance.

While speaking about this and her ex-husband, Marina said:

‘I think he does not like what we have done.’

During their marriage, Marina & Alexey adopted four children. All four children live with Alexey after a court decided to give him custody over them.


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