Science-Backed: 8 Celebrities With Nearly Perfect Bodies

Determining a woman’s beauty can be subjective, with various factors like facial features, body proportions, and popularity coming into play. However, science has introduced a formula based on the golden ratio to define the ideal proportions and symmetry of the body. Surprisingly, the celebrities who fit these scientifically approved parameters might not match the traditional 90-60-90 model.

The golden ratio formula aims to identify beauty beyond conventional standards, and the celebrity who tops this list might come as a surprise.

1. Salma Hayek (88%)

Contrary to the notion that beauty and brains are incompatible, Salma Hayek proves otherwise. In her early years, she flirted with the idea of becoming a politician – a charismatic candidate who could win over the masses with her sharp wit, originality, and captivating physique. However, fate led her down the path of acting, enriching the world with her talent. Salma’s intriguing secret for maintaining good posture involves the unconventional practice of climbing stairs backward.

2. Elle MacPherson (88.3%)

Introducing Elle, a mother of two often hailed as an “ageless model.” Beyond her role as a devoted wife and creative designer, Elle is a diligent businesswoman. Ever curious about the secret to her enviable shape? According to Elle, the key is embracing healthy nutrition, engaging in moderate exercise, and, above all, fostering a deep love for your body.

3. Cameron Diaz (91%)

Cameron Diaz shares valuable insights on finding happiness in life—manage your emotions and prioritize your body’s well-being. She emphasizes that age-related changes are natural and can still be appealing. To slow down the effects of aging, Diaz recommends engaging in sports and yoga to maintain a healthy body. No need for drastic diets or cosmetic interventions – just a holistic approach to well-being.

4. Kelly Brook (92.9%)

Kelly Brook gained recognition in the late 1990s and became a prominent figure in FHM magazine, eventually topping the “100 Sexiest Women on the Planet” list in 2005. Despite not conforming to typical gym-centric standards and being labeled by some as plus-sized, Kelly embraces her body with pride. Her confidence and self-acceptance may well be the key to her enduring charm.

5. Rita Ora (93%)

Rita Ora credits concerts as her preferred method of staying in shape, suggesting they outshine traditional gym workouts. She doesn’t adhere to a strict diet but practices moderation by consuming only half of what’s on her plate. Rita emphasizes the importance of finding joy in physical activities and underscores the significance of quality sleep for maintaining one’s beauty.

6. Helen Mirren (95.6%)

Renowned actress from Stratford, Helen Mirren, has gracefully taken on significant roles throughout her career, securing leading parts even as she ages. Her flexible body, aristocratic appearance, sensuality, and, most importantly, the confidence she exudes have captivated audiences. Helen Mirren believes that the confidence gained with age far outweighs any concerns about “crow’s feet.”

7. Kim Kardashian (96.3%)

Kim Kardashian is an extraordinary and tenacious woman who elicits a range of emotions from people. Yet, her social media following speaks volumes – with over 364 million Instagram subscribers, surpassing the population of the US. Kim attributes her chic physique to diligent effort, and despite being a mother of four, she maintains a stunning figure.

8. Scarlett Johansson (96.4%)

Scarlett Johansson holds a humble perspective on her body, viewing it as similar to everyone else’s. Despite her widely recognized beauty, one of her professional aspirations is to portray the role of an unattractive woman or a mutant, challenging the perception of being just a pretty face. As a mother to her daughter Rose from her previous marriage to Romain Dauriac, Scarlett shares generic yet valuable life advice with the younger generation, emphasizing habits like staying hydrated, avoiding smoking, and not letting the alarm clock dictate your life.

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