Science Reveals That Couples Who Truly Love Each Other Tend to Gain Weight

If you’re feeling all sad, dejected, and hopeless because you’ve been single for the longest time now, you don’t have to despair. Why? Because science has already proven that being in a relationship is going to make you gain some weight. Yes, you’re single and you desperately want to find love in your life. You really want to be able to be in a relationship with someone. You want the safety and security that comes with being wrapped in the sweet embrace of someone you love. But then, you’re single. You haven’t exactly been so lucky in love. But that’s alright – being single is good if you want to be able to stave off those pounds.

There has been a recent study conducted by a leading university in Australia that analyzed over 10 years’ worth of data that has covered more than 15,000 people. What these studies have shown is that people who were involved in happy relationships exhibited an average weight gain of more than 6kg more than those who stayed single. What these studies have also revealed is that people in relationships had shown an average weight gain of around 2kg every year they were happy in love.

Know that the whole theory of gaining weight in a relationship is completely true, and you should be taking this seriously if you’re conscious about your waistline.

So, if you happen to have been dating someone for a long time now, you probably know that you are less incentivized to hit the gym and burn those fats because you know that you already have someone who is going to love you regardless of how you look. On top of the lack of incentive to actually hit the gym, you are also more likely to be consuming more calories and spending more time doing nothing because you are in a relationship. You’re going to have to be eating a lot more because you will be going on a lot of dates. You are going to be lounging around a lot just sitting down and hanging out with one another. You’re going to be taking in a lot of calories and you aren’t going to be burning a lot of it as well. And before you even realize it, boom! You’ve gained an extra ten pounds without even putting too much effort into it. It’s always so easy to fall into that trap of living a very sedentary lifestyle when you’re too caught up in your love and relationship.

However, you shouldn’t really be ashamed that much. Yes, you have let yourself go. Yes, you might be a little disappointed in yourself especially if you used to be the type of person who really focused on your fitness and wellness. However, you shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself. You have found love in your life. And even though you have somewhat lost your motivation to keep fit, you have something that a lot of other people in the world wish they could find for themselves.

You can take some consolation in the fact that you might even be healthier than most single people BECAUSE you are in a relationship in spite of your weight gain. Those very same studies have shown that people in relationships tend to consume less fast food, alcohol, and cigarettes when compared to single people. And even though couples in relationships eat more; they are also improving the quality of their eating without even realizing it. However, the truth remains that couples can really gain weight in a relationship and are more prone to becoming overweight when compared to single people. And if you really want to pin the blame of your extra inches around your waistline on your partner, then you could always point to this study for some evidence to back you up. In fact, there was another study conducted by a popular university in Dallas that reached the same conclusions. This study spanned for years and it covered more than 200 newlyweds. It’s not a phenomenon that is only targeting one aspect of society. It’s happening all over the world.

You have to realize that a lot of people gain weight whenever they start to become satisfied with themselves. The happier that people are in life, the more likely that they’re going to gain weight because the less motivated they will actually be to stay active. To put it simply, the happier you are in life, the fatter you are more likely to become. So don’t get too discouraged at having a few extra inches around your waist now. It’s a lot better than you’re just a little bit fatter so as long as you’re much happier now. You don’t want to be slim and unhappy anyway.

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