Scorpios are the Best and Most Difficult to Love 15 Reasons Why

If you happen to be born between October 24thand November 22nd, your zodiac sign is the fierce and powerful Scorpio. Being one, your common personality traits include being straightforward, less talkative but speaking to the point, loyalty, utter devotion to your loved ones and a knack for getting angry and defensive when it’s on something that matters.

Holding grudges for a long time is also something common in Scorpios. These are just a bunch of the reasons which accumulate to being in a relationship with a Scorpio both difficult and fun at the same time. They can be a hard nut to crack and to love, but if you put in the time to earn their trust and affection, it will be well worth it and you will get more in return. Here are the most common reasons why commitment to a Scorpio can be the hardest and the best experience of your life.

  1. They are independent

It is not that Scorpios have anything against you, when they refuse to take help from you. But they just value their independency too much, and depending on others just does not feel right to them. Although it sure feels good to feel needed in a relationship but when it comes to a Scorpio, you might not be getting too much of that feeling.

That does not mean they will dislike you offering a helping hand nonetheless. Knowing they can do it themselves yet having you care enough about them to offer some assistance will win their heart over and the next thing you know, they will always be there for you whether you ask them to or not. They will shower all their time and devotion on you, once you realize their need of independency instead of taking it the wrong way and labelling them as too self-absorbed or something. – 

  1. They are straightforward sometimes a little too much

Honesty and openness sure is a very valuable trait for a healthy relationship. Your Scorpio partner will always speak their mind and never mind what they speak. Their straightforwardness is surely appreciated on the other’s part but sometimes, it might become too much. Everything looks and feels good in its certain limits after all even openness. Their words might cut deep but mostly they do not mean it. They do not believe in holding things back lest it puts the other person under impression, which in turn might lead them to claim things the Scorpio is not responsible for.

That is not acceptable to them, so they tend to be open and honest about everything at all costs. It is not about using words as weapons, as one might think when a Scorpio is being all honest and straightforward. They just truly believe in letting everything out in the open. And in the end, you will come to realize how they were right to do so, because it prevents long-lasting arguments from occurring at the cost of short-lived feelings of hurt and anger on the other’s part. They save you a lot of drama in the near future by being straightforward about everything, literally everything, from day one.

  1. They are humorous

Scorpios have a good knack for cracking up some of the best jokes you will ever get to hear. Their humor is quite intelligent and witty. But that does not mean they like including immaturity, non-sense or over-the-line comments as jokes. You might crack heart-felt jokes around them, expecting them to laugh but if you cross the line of humor and immaturity or stupidity, they will not find that funny and will tell you straight up that your joke was not appreciated.

  1. They’re fiercely passionate

Scorpios fall in love rarely but when they do, they fall hard. You will never know the passion as strong as that of a Scorpio’s. This is both a pro and a con. They will always have your back no matter what. But once you break that trust, they will not only hold a grudge against you for a long time but will also miss no chance to give you a hard time about it. Their intense passion comes with that intense a price too: utmost loyalty, no matter what you have to do to maintain it.

  1. They’re often controlling

It feels good to have someone else take the responsibility every now and then. Scorpios certainly do that well. They have that ˜get it done’ kind of personality. No matter what it is planning dinner dates or long-term vacations, they will always have the upper hand. So if you have some of your own plans and ideas to be heard, you better make sure your Scorpio partner hears them loud and clear.

They will be open to suggestions and might take your advice and act on it but doing it their way, with having control over everything is just their thing. It mostly turns out neatly in the end though, with few or none errors thanks to their managing and coordination skills. They don’t just control when they are not sure of what they are doing. All you have to do is trust them enough.

  1. They aren’t easy to impress

Scorpios happen to be among the few people who know exactly what they deserve and so, they never settle for less. Mediocre things never impress them. Someone else with more luxuries does not impress them, which is a good thing because they don’t look at other couples and say ˜oh I wish we had that too.’

If you do manage to win over a Scorpio’s heart and impress them somehow, they will make sure you are given all due appreciation and love you deserve; nothing can then change the way they will see you once you win them over.

  1. They are good at bottling things up

Once you have confided in a Scorpio, rest assured that your secrets are always going to be safe with them they might as well take them to their grave. Now even though this is good thing, but it proves to pose difficult situations in the relationship when it comes to knowing a Scorpio.

Because they are so good at keeping secrets, they are definitely going to keep theirs with them too. You will have to try very hard in order for a Scorpio to spill their can of worms but once you get through to them and they confide in you, you will see how it was all worth it.

  1. They are very seductive

Scorpios are known to be among the most seductive zodiac signs. Their fierce nature also makes them have a high sex appeal and attraction. Their tendency to fulfil the needs of their partner in this regard are well accounted for.

But who is to say others are not taking notice of their attractive and dominating personality and trying to make a move on them? So even though your Scorpio partner is going to be all attractive and passionate with you, don’t forget others take notice of it too and you might have to be protective about them.

  1. They observe deeply

Some might call it being judgmental but a Scorpio has great observational skills. They observe you keenly and decide right away based on your vibe and attitude with others whether or not they will get along with you.

This tends to make them guarded towards you much too often. Even when you have made it to their circle of trust, they will always be observing just as keenly. However, it’s a good thing because that way, they will get to have clearest ideas of your actions, your motives behind them and will do all they can to defend you in situations where a false blame falls on you all because they had been observing that closely from the beginning.

  1. They manipulate a lot

Even though your Scorpio partner is least likely to cheat on you or lie to you in some other way, that does not mean they will sit there quietly and never mouth a word about their wants and needs. They are quite manipulative and often have a swift and smooth way of making people see things their way and getting what they want.

So even though their loyalty to you is unprecedented, there will be times when your feelings will be given the backseat as your Scorpio partner uses their strategic manipulative skills to getting around their way of getting something.

  1. They are highly determined

Scorpios are highly determined and motivated in life towards achieving their goals and aspirations. This means that they sometimes forget the consequences of their actions and end up hurting those around them. It is never anything personal though. They just believe in the make it or break it concept and tend to dive straight into chances life gives them, in order to get things done and achieve something worthwhile.

However, because they are so determined, expect your Scorpio partner never to give up on you, to always see the best in you and have you bring out the most of it.

  1. They are way too caring

Being in a relationship with a Scorpio is among the best things that will ever happen to you. Since they are very bold and fierce, they will never stop showing you that intense kind of caring the kind that mostly mothers give out to their youngest children, always worrying about them and making sure they are getting the best out of everything. Be ready to match that intense kind of care when you get in a relationship with a Scorpio.

  1. They have serious disposition

Scorpios mostly have a serious and mature kind of personality. It might be hard getting them to loosen it up a bit and have some fun but once they get in the mood, they will be the life of the party.

  1. They are loyal to a fault

The intense and fierce nature of a Scorpio makes them devoted lovers that remain loyal to you at all costs. They will always have your back, make you feel loved and cared for at all times, will be your strength and your wall to lean on, give you every bit of devotion they have.

However, if you get on their bad side or abuse them and break their trust, they will feel their loyalty to you go down the drain and will make sure you regret every bit of it for the rest of your life; not to mention how they will keep reminding you of your mistakes.

  1. Their boldness is matchless

Scorpios are very bold and brave. When they want something, they go for it full-throttle. But sometimes, their desperation to win makes them lose focus and hurt others’ feelings quite deeply.

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