7 Reasons Falling In Love For The Second Time Is Better Than The First

If you are privileged enough to have fallen in love at least once in your life, then consider yourself lucky. Try to think back to what it was like falling in love with someone for the first time; to your initial encounters with all of the stomach butterflies and irregular heartbeats. Think long and hard about your early introductions into the world of fantastic fairytales and Hollywood romances. You had only ever really dreamed about falling in love; and yet there you were, experiencing it for yourself for the first time in your life. It must have been a thrill. It must have been quite a meaningful experience. And if you were lucky enough, maybe you were able to sustain that love and make it stand the test of time.

But what if you weren’t so lucky? What if you weren’t so privileged? What if you did fall in love and yet, things just fall apart along the way and you ended up losing that love. It was devastating, wasn’t it? It almost broke you. It almost destroyed all of your hopes and dreams. It almost turned you off to the idea of ever allowing yourself to become vulnerable and fall in love with someone ever again. Losing a first love is going to force you to confront so many feelings and emotions that you don’t think you would ever be able to handle in your lifetime. But you somehow get past it. You are able to endure all of the hardships and hurdles that come with heartbreak. You know that yes, you were hurt and that it’s not an experience you would ever want to put yourself through ever again. But is the fear of pain really worth crippling your love life over? Or is love really worth the risk.

If you need some convincing when it comes to testing the waters and getting your feet wet again after a breakup, then this article is for you. You have to know that just because you lost your first love doesn’t mean that you are destined for a life of devastation and misery. Just because you missed out on your first love doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find happiness and fulfilment in a second one. In fact, here are a few compelling reasons as to why falling in love for the second time is a lot better than the first.

1. You are now a much stronger individual.

When you have been bent and broken in the past, you only come out stronger. You are now better-equipped to handle the pressures and challenges that come with being in a relationship. You now know what it takes to endure the pains of heartache and disappointment. You are now more confident because you know that you are able to get past devastation.

2. You establish a deeper bond with your second love.

You aren’t new to the love game anymore; and so you have a more profound understanding of what love really is and what it takes to really nurture and sustain it. You are now in a better position to maintain that bond between you and your partner.

3. You feel a better sense of safety.

You feel so much safer now because of your confidence in yourself. You know that you are more prepared to handle the unpredictable in a relationship.

4. You get a chance to get everything you never could the first time.

In hindsight, there were probably some aspects of that first love that you wish you could change. Consider your second love a second chance at doing and getting everything you never could during he first time.

5. You gain a better appreciation for the little things.

You really know what it’s like to have tried your hand at love and lost. And that’s not an easy experience to go through. You now know that relationships aren’t always guaranteed; and you can’t afford to be taking anything for granted. Even the things that you love the most can be taken from you in a split second; and that’s why you gain a greater appreciation for even the little things.

6. You become more aware of what you want.

You’ve been in a relationship before and it was certainly less than ideal. And because things weren’t always perfect, you grew to really understand the parts of it that you didn’t like. And you can make sure to steer away from those things in the future.

7. You are wiser in your approach to love as a whole.

You’ve been once around the block before. This isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve fallen in love one before and so you are familiar with a great deal of things that concern falling in love. And because of your experience, you are wiser now than you ever have been. And having greater wisdom always ends up minimizing your mistakes.

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