Selena Gomez Stopped a Livestream because People were Sending her Money

Isn’t she the sweetest?

American singer, actress, and producer Selena Gomez who’s quite an active social media user often go live on accounts to chat with her fans.

Last year, the Love You Like a Love Song singer went live on her TikTok account, with more than 45 million followers.

In the candid live session, Gomez noticed that her followers were sending her filters that started appearing on her face.

LIVE Gifts is a feature on TikTok that, once activated on your account, allows your viewers to react and show their appreciation for your LIVE content in real-time.

Anyone who would send a gift to someone on the platform would pay for it – half of that money would go to the person hosting the live session, and the other half would go to TikTok.

Initially, the beauty mogul remained confused about what was happening.

Thank you for the filters, she said before asking her friends in the background if it was the real money one spends on this feature.

“Is it true that people give you money when you’re live?” she asked.

When her friends confirmed that her fans were sending her the money, she said, “But, like, fake money?” looking confused.

When her friends insisted that it was the real money that people were sending her, the Rare Beauty founder told her friends that she didn’t want her fans to send her any money.

“No, I don’t want people to do that though,” she said before turning to the camera and saying, “No if there’s anything that’s like game, please do not.”

“That’s so messed up,” she said to her friends.

“I hope nobody is giving me anything that they don’t need to… because I just wanted to do this for fun and have some time with everyone.

“Should I get off? I feel bad!” the musician added before ending the live stream.

The TikTok clip resurfaced on Reddit as someone had that recording and thought to share it with others.

Many users were surprised to learn about this feature and some were shocked to learn that people actually tried to send money to a millionaire celebrity.

“Meanwhile, TikTok pocketing all those gifts since she isn’t aware it’s even real money,” one user commented on Reddit.

“Who the fuck sends money to celebrities? Weird,” added a second.

“I understand giving money to streamers, content creators you like, charities, etc. but giving someone who is already extremely wealthy doesn’t make sense,” another chimed in.

“Who the hell gives money to rich people? You take sand to the beach?” someone asked.

“She’s such a sweetheart and good role model,” another wrote.

“She’s a good soul. Her first impulse to getting small amounts of free money was to determine whether this was harming anyone. You can tell a lot about a person’s character from these quick, genuine reactions,” said another.

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Source: Reddit

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