Sexual harassment in Public – Guys vs Girls

At times, to stand against something wrong or to stand for something right, we work at extremities, and here is the thing about extremes – nothing GOOD will ever come out of it.
In our beliefs, our daily practices, day-to-day observation, we slowly form perceptions and judgments about people, races, sexes and every differentiating thing we can find out there, that is the harsh reality of how every human being’s psyches works.

But here is another reality of humans, they observe, realise, undo, adapt and become better people!В Here specifically, I am talking about feminism.В Why in order to give women more respect do we forget to respect men equally?В Why does it have to be an imbalance, a biasness towards one of the sexes at a time?

I am a woman, and I do not agree with statements like, ˜Women and men are equals’.В Now, don’t get me wrong but I disagree with this because it is an incomplete statement. The statement I agree with is, ‘Men and women are equal in their rights but not in their roles.’

When it comes to rights, no man has superiority over women and no woman has superiority over men.В Women were once oppressed and have been trying hard to prove that they shouldn’t be (which I agree with).В The fight for feminism has long been fought but, to be honest, we have over done it so much so that we ourselves have become what we were standing against.

We in our efforts to prove that no man holds superiority over us, have somehow, unconsciously, made us act as if we are superior over them, again UNCONSCIOUSLY.

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I recently saw a social experiment video online, and it got me thinking.В It’s about sexual harassment and how people change their perspectives so easily based on the gender being harassed. Check out the video below (it’s NSFW).

Here in this experiment video, you can see how the man, Joey, is made fun of or ignored while the woman, Lexi, is clearly harassing him. She goes on touching him inappropriately and him trying to move away from her, obviously. Passersby are looking at the whole situation and have the ˜None-of-my-business’ look on their faces.

Not only that, but people comment on him for being such a loser, a "panzy" to not respond to an attractive woman like her.В Two ladies even encourage her to go ahead with whatsoever she was up to, as if it was her right.

Now, would you expect the same when the roles get reversed?В It takes 2 seconds, 2 damn seconds for a group of women to push him and ask him to stop harassing her. It is immediately taken as a highly offensive act that they feel obligated to respond to, by protecting the woman.

I know you are thinking it too but I am just going to say it, double standards! AsВ bad as I feel saying this being a woman who stood for womanhood all her life, I honestly believe we have gone too far.В Standing against the wrong thing isn’t just for a specific race, a specific gender or even a specific specie!В It is about standing against the whole concept, regardless of who is involved.

Personal space, inappropriate touching should be offensive, when done with women or men.

This specific double standard has gone on to effect so many aspects of a relationship or the common act of dating!

A man is called a "panzy" for not responding eagerly to the catcalling of an attractive woman. So, basically, we are inculcating in the minds of men that when they are approached by someone hot, they NEED to sleep with them. That makes them a man!

When that happens and men act according to these expectations, don’t we go on to call them Jerks?В Aren’t we the ones who then put the blame on them for running after long legs and a hot body? For ruining our lives?

We are becoming what we are opposing, we are doing the same thing we hated when it was being done to us!В An irony we never admit!

But, it is about time that we do because until we admit this loophole in beliefs, this glitch in the system, we can’t really bring a change in the society. We can’t truly stand for something we believe in, collectively.

You cannot oppose, yet, do the same thing yourself.

Public harassment is utterly despicable, in fact any kind of harassment is unacceptable and it does not matter if you are a man, woman, child or an animal.В The right remains the same for all!

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Men and women both, how does this video make you feel? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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