She Doesn’t Care About The Expensive Gifts – She Only Cares About Your Time And Attention

You may not know this by now, but she’s definitely a girl who would rather be poor and happy than be rich and miserable in a relationship with you. She would rather be living a simple life where you make her feel fulfilled than a lavish one where you don’t give her any of your time or attention.

She is the kind of woman who isn’t really interested in all of the flash or the luxury. She just wants all the rawness and realness of love. She isn’t really interested in the fancy stuff. She just wants a real man who can love her in the way that she wants to be loved – unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

Frankly speaking, she is the kind of girl who would rather have all of your time and attention than every possible precious piece of jewelry that money can buy. She would rather have your support and companionship than any of the world’s biggest treasures and luxuries. Just listen to her. Just make sure that she feels heard and appreciated. Yes, you could take her out on the most amazing dates at the fanciest restaurants.

You can order the finest food that money can buy and you can always make sure that she is constantly well-fed. But all she ever really wants from you is your appreciation of her being. You can probably have the whole world delivered at her feet but that isn’t really what she’s looking for. That’s not exactly what she needs from you.

She’s going to be appreciative of these material items, don’t get her wrong. She’s not ungrateful. It’s just that the things that she wants the most don’t really have any monetary value. In other words, what she wants from you are things that money can’t buy.

You can’t put a price tag on her love. You can’t buy her love because she’s not a girl who allows herself to be bought by anything other than unconditional love. The thing she wants the most from you isn’t something that you can pick up at the store.

She just wants whatever attention you can give her. She wants all the love that you can possibly produce in your heart. She wants to be made to feel like she’s an important and integral aspect of your life. She wants to be in a relationship with someone whose attention she doesn’t need to compete for. She wants to be your entire world – or at the very least, she wants to be a huge chunk of it.

She is never really going to grow interested in the material things because that’s just not who she is as a person. All she wants is the life that the two of you could have together – a life that is full of happiness, joy, fulfillment, wonder, awe, and love. She isn’t going to demand a mansion from you. She only wants a happy home with you and your future family.

She just wants to be able to build a future with you. She just wants to be able to build a life with you. She isn’t the kind of girl who is looking for anything temporary; something that can only give her momentary happiness and contentment. She’s going to want something real from you; something that is built to last for ages.

She won’t stop you from buying her the most expensive clothes available out there. She won’t shy away from receiving any fancy gifts that you might want to give her. But you have to know that she isn’t going to ask for any of these things from you. She isn’t going to demand royal treatment from you.

She isn’t going to ask you to shell out your entire bank account to prove your love for her. She’s going to want you to spend quality time with her. She is going to want you to talk to her about things that you don’t talk to other people about.

She is going to want you to open up to her about your fears, hopes, and dreams. She is going to want you to put a lot of effort into trying to make the relationship work.

She isn’t going to ask for all the roses in the world; she’s going to be fine with the one you pick up from the garden for her. She isn’t going to ask you to fly her to Naples for a fancy Italian dinner.

She’s going to be fine with you picking up a pizza and a case of beer for her on the way home from work. She is going to want the simple things from you – and that’s all that she could ever want. Because the truth is that there is beauty in simplicity. You just have to be willing to find it.

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