She is the woman you need in your life.

So believe me when I say this. Anyone can ride with you in a Limo. But what you really need is someone who will take the bus with you, when the Limo breaks down. Any woman can get in your car, ride with you and travel the world with your money. But what you really need is a woman who’d rather tell you to invest in building your home. A woman who works hard. A woman who works so hard, that it amazes you. She will complain about her job, yet she will work so that your children can have a better future. Marry the intelligent woman. She will recognize who is bad for you, even before you do! She will challenge you. She calls you out on your bad habits. A real woman will remind you to pay up your debts and invest for your children. Marry the woman who makes you feel “wanted” in bed. She will never run out or fall out of love with you! She will make you a priority, your health a priority and your happiness, her only goal in life. A woman who loves you will compromise, will understand and show you new perspectives to life! She will run to you when she’s in despair and hold you close when you fall. Don’t be disheartened when a real woman challenges you every day of your life, to become the best version of yourself. She is the woman you need in your life. And when you do find all these things in “One woman”, you know you’ve hit jackpot!

– Ranmali Konkahage

5 Signs she is the one:

Here is a list of signs that can give you an idea if the girl in your life is the right one for you. If you can’t find a ‘yes’ to all or any of these signs, then you must pause. But, if luckily you get a ‘yes’ to these questions, then I would say, what are you waiting for?

1. Does she make you smile?

Do you smile every time you see her, or think about her or talk to her? If that is the case then it’s a clear sign of true love.

If your partner makes you happy just with her presence, then she is surely the girl you can spend your life with. Just the thought of her gives you a refreshing feeling. One glance at her smiling face takes away all your day-long tiredness. Having her around makes your heart happy and contended. Then she surely is the love of your life, your girl your soul mate.

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