She Isn’t Looking For Love But She’s Opening Herself Up For Love To Find Her

She isn’t really looking to fall in love because she’s perfectly happy with the life that she is living at the moment. She isn’t in a relationship with anyone. She’s living that single life and she is more than okay with it. She is happy and her heart is full. She isn’t all too eager to be shaking things up just for the hell of it. She’s okay with where she is and she doesn’t want to mess anything up.

She isn’t really looking to get into a relationship because she wants to focus all of her energy and attention on herself. She wants to be able to explore her own life even more. She wants to get to know herself on a very intimate level. She knows that there is much she has yet to learn about her own life and she wants to dedicate most of her time and effort in that area. She wants to learn more about what her strengths are so that she can hone and highlight them further. She wants to discover where the sources of her insecurities lie so that she can do her best to get rid of them. She wants to learn about her weaknesses so that she can set goals for herself as she makes her way through this life. She knows that life is a constant state of self-development and she doesn’t want to get distracted by hopelessly pursuing love.

She isn’t really looking for love at the moment because she doesn’t think that love is the journey that she should be embarking on at this point in her life. She believes that she still has so much to learn from the world. She thinks that there are many things that she needs to experience for herself before she gets into a relationship. She thinks that she has to devote a bulk of her energy to exploring the world around her and exposing herself to the things that she is unfamiliar with. She is still at a point in her life where she craves for new experiences and adventures.

She isn’t really looking to get into a relationship just yet because she feels like she has many old wounds that she needs to heal first. She has tried her hand at love in the past and it didn’t really work out for her. She has had her heart broken and stomped on before and she’s not really too keen on experiencing that kind of pain again. She still has a broken heart that she needs to mend and she knows that she can’t do that if she’s still going to open herself up to the same kind of pain. She knows that time eventually heals all wounds – even those of the romantic kind. And so, she’s letting time do its wonders. For the meantime, she’ll just focus on herself.

She isn’t really looking for a man in her life because she’s far too consumed by the idea of exploring her future on her own. She is far too curious about what the future holds for her. She is still too busy challenging herself to work harder and hustle more. She doesn’t think she would be able to handle any additional challenges that would be issued by a man in her life. She still has her goals and she still wants to reach them. She is expecting a lot from herself and she wants to be able to follow the path that she has planned out for herself.

She is not really looking to get into a relationship with any man because she is now convinced that any guy who she’s meant to be with is going to seamlessly cross paths with her. She believes that she doesn’t have to look for love anymore because she can just focus on building the life that she has always wanted for herself – and in that process, she is going to attract love into her life. She is living a life that brings her a sense of meaning and fulfillment – and she knows that these are things that are going to come with love as well. She’s not really looking to get into a relationship because she wants to personally focus on her own well-being and sense of happiness. She has stopped forcing herself into other peoples’ lives because she knows that that is not how you go about finding love. Instead, she’s just living the life that she knows how to live. And she’s just trusting that eventually, love is going to find its way to her.

She doesn’t know how it’s going to come. She doesn’t know when it’s going to come. She doesn’t know who is going to give it to her. But at least she knows that she’s going to be ready once it does come.

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