5 Reasons – If Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Argue, She Probably Doesn’t Love You

Arguments are important!

Women are short tempered and we can’t actually digest everything that comes our way. Just the other day, my partner went out with his friends without letting me know and I threw an absolute fit! Let me clarify why, I am not the obnoxious, self obsessed, overly possessive kind of a person, I love the me time I get when my partner goes out with his friends. В He has spoiled me in every way possible and he always picks up when I call, he went on a hike and the connection was really bad I couldn’t call him for six hours straight. I was so concerned, being aВ pessimistВ I thought of the most awful of things that could have happened to him. By the time he picked up, I was in tears. See, I am so concerned about him and our relationship that I sometimes end up over reacting.

What I mean to say is that being a woman, I have issues, I get angry, I struggle and face dilemmas. The natural coping mechanism for us women is to argue, with all of the hormonal changesВ weВ go thorough every month we easily end up feeling insecure about one thing or the other. We stop beating our heads around things we don’t care about anymore. If your girl isn’t fussing about the following things, you might need to work on your relationship.

1. She doesn’tВ freak out when you don’tВ make contact

She doesn’t care whether you call her or not. If you are unresponsive, she tends to become equally unresponsive, when you get back she doesn’t beat a sweat and carries on like nothing happened. You might be expecting a blowout but she remains calm in an unsettling way.

2. You could miss occasions and she wouldn’t care at all

She was the kind of person who cared about anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions. You forgot your anniversary and she didn’t bother to ask you why. Something is definitely wrong with her. Forget that you screwed up, you need to sit her down and ask her why she didn’t care. This is one thing every girl would argue about.

3. She doesn’t careВ about other girls

If you are constantly hanging out with other girls and she doesn’t have anything to say about it, she might be growing distant from you to a point that doesn’t have anything left to say. She feels disconnected and humiliated to an extent that she doesn’t want to waste her breath anymore, all arguments go out the window.

4. What you do on social media doesn’t bother her anymore

You just changed your Facebook status to single and she doesn’t give a damn. She also doesn’t care if you both aren’t friends on Facebook anymore. You know she knows that you are flirting with other girls but she just doesn’t say a thing. A normal girl would lose it but she is so fed up that sheВ becomes dormant and lets you get away with everything.

5. She stopsВ respondingВ to your arguments

We women love it when our men argue. Men don’t have much to say when it comes to addressing the problems. Any girl will be more than happy to sort things out duringВ moments of closure because men don’t open up about how they feel easily. I sleep early but whenever my partner is in a mood to have those deep constructive conversations, I wake with him till the break of dawn or until he is done. I love to talk things out with him, he might be pointing out the issues he has with me but I honestly enjoy being able to look at things from his prospective. If your girl makes you feel estranged when you are in a mood to look into the problems you both have in a relationship, it might be time to call it quits!

Though I know that most of you men hate arguments; but they are a sign that she still cares. Silence is the last of a woman’s cry. The moment she decides not to argue anymore is the moment she thinks that the relationship is damaged beyond repair and that none of her efforts will make things work again. It’s a sign that she has given up and is ready to lose you for good.

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