This Is How You She Will Leave You – Based On Her Love Language

Never underestimate the power of knowing her love language. It could save your relationship.

Quality Time

You’re going to end up driving her away if you somehow make her feel like her existence is a bane in your life. She wants to be made to feel like you prioritize her over other things. She wants to be made to feel like she’s important to you. She wants to believe that you are actually invested in making things work with her.

She isn’t asking for too much from you – she just asks that you show up every once in a while to fend off her insecurities. She just needs you to be there for her whenever she calls out for you – because she knows that she is always going to do her part to be there for you.

She isn’t a high-strung kind of girl who is going to demand your round-the-clock attention. But she also wants whatever attention you do give her to be for real. She has been used and abused by so many men in the past, and she doesn’t want the same thing to happen with you.

And so she needs that reassurance from you. She doesn’t necessarily want you to be doing all of these grand gestures for her. She doesn’t need you to buy her fancy gifts. She just wants your time – she just wants a little chunk of your time every week, every day.

She just wants you to be able to look at her and talk to her for a bit. Let her know that she still has a solid place in your life and that you’re not replacing her any time soon. And if you make her feel like that’s too much of a chore for you, she’s going to leave you.

Words of Affirmation

You’re going to drive her away the moment that you guilt her into believing that she’s asking too much from you. You have to understand that she isn’t necessarily a dependent or a needy girl. She’s just very self-conscious.

She always wants to make sure that she’s being enough for you. She always wants to make sure that she’s doing whatever she can to keep you in her life. And so if she needs a little validation for her efforts every now and then, you shouldn’t be afraid of giving it to her.

She is doing everything for you after all. You shouldn’t make her feel bad for wanting to do whatever she can for your relationship. You shouldn’t be guilting her for that.

Receiving Gifts

It’s fairly obvious, and if you end up driving her away, you have no one to blame but yourself. She has needs. She has certain expectations. And they all need to be met if you want her to stay in your life. It’s not that she’s being shallow and materialistic.

It’s not that she’s acting like a spoiled brat. You shouldn’t get to make fun of her for what she needs from you. She is just a girl who knows her worth. She is just a girl who understands that she is deserving of the things that she expects from you because she is just as willing to reciprocate the same kind of effort.

Physical Touch

You are definitely going to drive her away if you keep yourself from being physically intimate with her. Never withhold your intimacy – especially when it comes to her. Hold her hand whenever you’re walking along the sidewalks together. Kiss her first thing in the morning when you both wakeup. Give her a hug the moment you see her after a long day of work.

These are seemingly simple gestures, but they really go a long way in warming her heart and letting her know that you’re serious about her and the relationship. And don’t be afraid to cuddle up in bed with her once in a while. Be like wild teenagers and have hour-long make-out sessions on the couch in your living room while the television is on.

There are a million things that you can do – so just go ahead and do them. Connect with her on a physical level and she is always going to respond to you in a positive manner.

Acts of Service

You are going to drive her away the moment that you start getting lazy and complacent in the relationship. You can’t take her for granted at all. Whenever you commit to doing something for her, you have to do it. You can’t just talk your way through this relationship.

You need to put in the work. You need to be able to back your words up with real actions. You have to show her and prove to her that you are willing to get your hands dirty for her. You have to show her that you are a man of your word – and that she can always trust you to deliver on what you say you’re going to do.

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