Shemar Moore Visits Mom’s Grave with his “Miracle” Baby Girl

It was a heartwarming family reunion.

The S.W.A.T. actor shared a sweet photo from his latest visit to his mother’s grave along with his baby girl, Frankie, and girlfriend, Jesiree Dizon.

The actor, 52, became a father for the first time on January 24, 2023. He shares Frankie with his girlfriend, Jesiree Dizon, who is already a mom to two other children from previous relationships.

“FRANKIE MOORE!!!! BABY GIRL in da building!!! Born January 24… at 3:38pm…. 7.1 Pounds… 20 inches…. 10 fingers n 10 toes… Already THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!! I’m a Girl Daddy!!!! HOLY SHIT!!! DREAMS COME TRUE!! Grandma Marilyn is in heaven puff puff passing, drinking her wine, and doing her happy dance… I LOVE and MISS YOU everyday Mom,” he wrote on his Instagram in his baby announcement post on January 25.

“Frankie is gonna grow up to be a KILLA!!! Watch out World, here comes “Frankie Muthafukkin Moore”!!!! 

The Criminal Minds star first shared this happy news with fans during his appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show earlier this month,

“I’m Shemar Moore, 52½ years old. My mother is in heaven, right now it’ll be the three-year anniversary on February 8,” he said. “And on February 8, I’m going to make one of her dreams come true because, in real life, Shemar Moore is about to be a daddy.”

Listening to the news, Jennifer congratulated Moore and told him that his mom would be smiling down on him from heaven as she shared the good news with everyone.

“I’m so excited. I’m sorry she can’t be here. I was worried for a while that it was a ‘that ship has sailed’ kind of thing but God had my back, and things lined up,” he added.

“It’s going to be the best part of… My life is already pretty grand, but I know whenever God does call my name, once I get this experience, I’ll be able to go to heaven whole.”

Shemar also shared a reel on his Instagram and wrote,

“Mama’s smiling from Heaven. Miracles happen … Here comes the BEST part of my life.”

Now, Daddy Moore visited his mom’s resting place on her third death anniversary with his little Babygirl and her mama.

“Shemar, Jesiree, Frankie, and the spirit of Grandma Marilyn…..” he wrote alongside two photos on his Instagram.

“Mom’s dream was for me to become a father and give momma some grand babies… it took me a minute, but momma’s dream is now reality!! I accomplished much and experienced the good, the Great, the light, and the dark… but this I couldnt do on my own… Jesiree Dizon, we came back into each others lives and found love again and created a magical lil human together…”

The first photo showed Shemar, Frankie, and Jesiree sitting next to a plaque reading, “This house is my son’s home. Mom. 1-26-20.”

In the photo, Shemar held Frankie in one hand as he and Jerisee toasted their wine glasses in memory of his late mother, Marilyn Moore, who died in 2020.

 “I’ll call her ‘My little miracle’….. FRANKIE MOORE. Jez, I love you and am so grateful… Daddy Loves Frankie… I love and miss you everyday Grandma Marilyn. RIP 2/8/20,” he concluded.

The 52-year-old also shared a second photo of his mom from old times.

He also shared a second post on his Instagram on Thursday, showing his little girl lying peacefully on him.

“Her little eyes are open. Daddy and Frankie, just chillin’,” he said in his short video clip, “Daddy n Frankie… My New Partner in Crime.”

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