She’s Got A Genuine Heart And A Kind Soul, But That Doesn’t Mean She Isn’t Going To Leave You

She hopes that someday, she is going to meet the person who will validate all of her feelings.

She has a strong heart and a brave soul. She is the kind of girl who would never be afraid to go face to face with adversity. She is the kind of girl who would never hesitate to fight for her love. She is a girl who understands that love is the one thing in this world that’s really worth fighting for.

And she is going to grab at any plausible reason or excuse to always hold on to whatever it is that you have with one another. She will try her absolute hardest to not let you slip from her fingers to not let you go.

There’s one thing that you really have to know about this woman. She is going to trust you to always tell the truth to her no matter how many times you’ve lied to her in the past. They aren’t necessarily gullible, stupid, or childish. They just generally believe in the goodness of people.

They believe in the power of the good within people to prevail over the evil. They are in the business of believing that the people they interact with on a daily basis will be as honest, genuine, and true as they are. They are going to try their best to cling to the belief that no one in this world is ever going to have any ill intentions.

And it’s not like they’ve never been let down in the past. They have seen the worst that this world has to offer. They have met their fair share of toxic people who abuse, manipulate, and cheat their way to getting what they want. But the girl with the kind heart is not going to let these toxic people taint her belief in the world and in man.

The girl with the kind heart is always going to be willing to give as many chance s to as many people for the prospect of love. She is never going to shy away from giving people the chance to prove her right. She genuinely hopes that someday, her noble intentions, beliefs, and principles will come through for her.

She hopes that someday, she is going to meet the person who will validate all of her feelings.

She is the kind of girl who would willingly put herself in a position of discomfort and inconvenience just to make the people around her happy. She is the kind of girl who would go out of her way just to make sure that you don’t have to lift a finger. She isn’t a doormat. She isn’t a pushover. She isn’t weak. It takes a great deal of strength to be able to do what she does on a consistent basis with the kind of people she is forced to deal with every day.

But you have to remember that her good heart and brave soul isn’t something natural. It’s not something that’s just embedded in her system no matter how easy she makes it seem. She is always making a conscious decision every day to act the way that she does.

She is always deciding every single day to be who she is in spite of all the reasons that she shouldn’t. She can have all of the excuses in the world, but she never uses any of them. She always has to decide every day that she has to be this kind of person. And it’s a wonder that she hasn’t let anyone corrupt her pure and kind core.

She is the kind of girl who believes in always being kind even when kindness doesn’t come her way in return. She is the kind of girl who believes in staying strong even when there’s practically nothing to draw strength from anymore.

But despite her extraordinary spirit, you have to understand that she is only human. She still has her limits and she won’t be able to keep this up for too long. You have to know that you are going to have to give her the motivation that she needs to keep on living life the way that she does. You have to give her the emotional fuel that she needs to actually love you the way that she wants to.

Because if you don’t, there is no stopping her from getting tired and leaving you. There is no stopping her from getting fed up and walking straight out of the door. She is the kind of girl who would let you take advantage of her, but you really shouldn’t. Because at the end of the day, she still wants what she wants. And if you can’t give it to her, then she won’t really have any reason to stay with you anymore.


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