Woman Says She’s Paid over $2,000 Per Day to Clean Houses Topless

A topless maid stuns her followers by revealing her daily income.

TikTok user @sincerely__sammi69 went viral after sharing her daily wages with her on the platform.

Sammi, who has a cleaning job, said she does her job being topless and making huge money by working five hours daily.

She said that for one hour of cleaning, she charges $300 with an additional tip.

“So many of you want to know how much I make in a day as a topless maid,” she said in her video. “Today I cleaned five houses and I charge $300 an hour. And I have a security guy who sits out in the car and waits for me just in case something happens.”

The housekeeper said that after cleaning her first house, she received her regular $300 and a tip of $150.

“Second house, $300, and they gave me a $120 tip,” she said.

Sammi said she got another $150 after cleaning her third house of the day and $120 from the fourth house.

Meanwhile, the owner of the fifth house gave her a $200 tip as the house was not only big but also dirty.

“After working only five hours, Sammie said the total earning she made came out to a total of $2,230, but the woman also said that she gives her security guard 35% of what she made — about $800 — dropping her take-home pay to $1,430,” New York Post wrote.

She also noted that a security guard waits for her outside in the car while she finishes her job, “just in case anything happens.”

And the guard gets 35% of her money as his fair share.

“If you think you needed a sign, this is your sign,” Sammi said in her video. “Topless maid cleaning service for the win.”

After watching Sammi’s video, people were left divided in their opinions. While some didn’t believe she cleaned the whole house, others asked her if she was available to clean their house.

“I’m more impressed you cleaned 5 houses in one day,” one wrote.

“You only cleaned one thing in each house, let’s be real!!” a second said.

“Pretty sure I wouldn’t get $300 plus those tips. So. May not be my calling,” a third commented.

“How did you get your security guy and how does someone get into that?” another asked.

“I’m in the wrong job,” someone wrote. “Where can i apply? Shit i wanna do this!” said someone else.

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