She’s Standing On The Line Between Giving Up And Seeing How Much More She Can Take

She is at a crossroads. She is towing the line and she’s desperately trying to maintain her balance. She wants so desperately to fall but she doesn’t know which way she should lean. She is caught between a rock and a hard place. She really doesn’t want to give up on you, but it seems like you aren’t giving her much of a choice. She doesn’t want to walk away from you but you don’t seem to be giving her many reasons to stay.

She doesn’t want to cut herself loose from you but she doesn’t know if she has what it takes to endure being with you for much longer. She is tired of constantly having to give so much of herself to you. She is tired of breaking herself into pieces for your pleasure. She is exhausted. She is so tired of feeling shortchanged in this relationship. She is so tired of constantly giving her all to this romance and receiving nothing in return.

She is so tired of constantly having to convince herself of reasons to trust you when it should be you who makes that effort. She is so tired of just talking herself into staying with you when you should be the one who is working double time to make sure that she doesn’t leave you.

She really doesn’t want to have to give up on you, but you never do anything to make her feel valued or appreciated. You don’t validate her actions. You don’t acknowledge her worth to you. She puts so much effort into trying to communicate with you but you only give her crumbs of bread in return. She tries to plan so many intimate dates with you but you cancel on her all of the time. She showers you with so much love and affection, and you never seem willing to reciprocate the gesture.

You don’t show her any gratitude or appreciation. You don’t even take the time to say a simple “thank you” to her for everything that she’s done for you. Instead, you demand more from her and you make her feel like she’s never going to be enough for you. You are breaking her more and more every day and she honestly doesn’t know how much longer she will be able to take this abuse.

She really doesn’t want to have to walk away from you, but you are starting to prove to her that the negatives are outweighing the positives. You are bringing more pain, torment, anxiety, and sorrow into her life than you do love and happiness. You give her so many insecurities even though it should be your job to make sure that she is always bright and confident. You make her doubt herself even when you need to be the one who is lifting her up. You pressure her into being and acting a certain way even though you need to be the one who is making her feel accepted for who she really is.

She keeps giving you multiple chances to change her mind, but you never seem interested to take her up on it. You just go on living your selfish life thinking that she’s going to tolerate your bad behavior forever. But you have to know that everyone has their limits. She is always trying to give you all the opportunities you need to prove yourself to her; but it also gets to a point where she needs to be looking out for her own well-being. It gets to a point wherein she has to come face to face with the truth;

you are probably never going to change and she just needs to cut her losses. She can’t afford to keep putting her own life on hold as she waits for you to find the courage that it takes to fight for her. She can’t afford to keep on waiting for you to eventually do the right thing and just treat her the way that she deserves to be treated. She can’t keep on waiting for you. She can’t be putting her life on pause forever for your sake. And she’s reaching that tipping point. She’s reaching that limit – and you have a choice that you need to make.

She’s not a quitter. She’s a fighter. And that’s precisely why she’s still with you even after all this time. That’s precisely why she hasn’t walked away just yet. She loves you and she wants to do all that she can for you – but she needs you to do the same for her. She doesn’t want to love you behind but you leave her no choice. She is willing to put up a fight; but she also needs to recognize if the fight is still even worth it at this point.

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