Short Women And Tall Men Make The Happiest Couples, According To A New Study

A study has revealed that short women and tall men make the happiest couples.

Many factors affect a relationship’s happiness, but I never really thought about height before.

It turns out I couldn’t be more wrong, though, because apparently, how tall you and your partner are can determine how happy your relationship will be.

According to Researcher Kitae Sohn, if you’re a short woman in a relationship with a tall man, your relationship is destined to be a happy one – at least for the woman involved anyway.

Researchers found that tall men and short women make the happiest couples.

The study by Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, explains why guys feel obligated to put “over 6ft since it matters” on their Tinder profiles.

A new study has found that short women and tall men make the happiest couples.

Conducted by the Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, it could explain why most men feel the obligation to write “over 6ft since it matters” on their Tinder biographies.

The study suggests that the more significant the size gap between men and women, the better, explaining why the Mountain in Game of Thrones and his tiny wife, who you can see below, have such a successful relationship.

Research by Kitae Sohn, the lead researcher in the study, states that while it is no secret that women prefer tall men, no study has addressed whether this attribute is associated with happiness.

While women prefer tall men during mating for evolutionary reasons, the researcher said that no studies have looked at whether a taller husband makes his wife happier.

The study’s author confirmed that a more significant height difference in a couple is positively related to the wife’s happiness.

“I was curious since I’m 5.3” and my husband is 6.5”.

According to the study published in Science Direct;

“In a couple, a more considerable height difference led to a happier wife.

Therefore, we argue that the husband’s height and correlation initially made his wife happy, but their influence waned.

Nevertheless, the long period of dissipation suggests that male height has a strong influence on women’s psychology, probably baked into evolution.”

As a short person, having a tall person around – whether a husband or not – is always a positive. It makes reaching items on high shelves much more accessible.

The height difference indeed fades over time, so while it might make for an excellent relationship for the first few years, it will take more than just feet and inches to make it work.

If it’s going to work (no pun intended), height difference might impact the early years, but there needs to be chemistry to make it work.

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