You are falling for his charms and his chivalrous ways, his cute smile and his kind heart. If only you could find out that he was on the same page as you. You don’t want to risk scaring the perfect guy away by appearing too clingy or you don’t want to end up looking like an emotional fool, who fell in to love a little too soon and a little too hard.

Unfortunately, guys do not come with a love-o-meter that could tell us exactly where we stand in their lives but we can still help you with our own experiences, things we have learned after falling too soon, too hard, for the wrong person and whatnot. Here are a few things that your partner will develop if he is truly in love with you, you won’t have to say it, you won’t have to ask for it, it is just going to be there.


If he has made this a practice then he will prove to be the best thing that has or can ever happen to you. He is generally very high on keeping promises that’s why he will not promise you the treasures of the world, he will hold your hand, look you in the eye and tell you that even if you both have a little less than others, he will still keep you happy.

They do not encourage or reinforce half-baked ideas. Wait for them to be sure, once they are, that’s when they will commit and commit fully. When the time comes, they will not step back from committing to you and accepting the fact that you are their one true love.


He loves it because he loves to see you happy. When he cracks a joke and you can’t help but laugh uncontrollably, do you see that he just stays there still, smiling and staring at you? That’s the kind of thing a person who truly loves you would do.

You should cherish that stare, laugh at his dumb jokes and the funny ones as well because you know how much you love when they stare at you, completely awed.


The perfect one needs no change in them and that’s how he sees it. He will value you and would do everything to keep you the way you are. That’s how love is supposed to be, you can’t say you love someone if you want to change things about them.

He, if in love, wouldn’t want it any other way. He will make sure that you know your true worth and he doesn’t miss a chance to prove that to you. By accepting you for who you are, they add a greater drive and positivity to your goals in life and the more you tell them that they have the capability to do this for you, trust me, they will try harder because that’s what love is, again, when nothing gives you greater happiness than seeing you partner accomplish something and succeed.


He will not think of this current companionship as his freedom being snatched from him, in fact, he will see this as an opportunity to finally have a partner as a 24/7 friend with whom they can share and plan the future.

A man, in love, will not shy away from discussing the future whether it is living together or about marriage. They will definitely realize the importance of discussing the future with you. If he often talks and discusses things with you in the long term, it is obvious that he sees you in his life for long.


When you are done with the honeymoon phase and he still respects you, he still gets the door for you but treats your work priorities as something important. When he still wants to take turns helping you out with the dishes or making breakfast, he loves you. Find love in the smallest of things because when you like someone, big things are the only things that you do for each other but when you love someone, you do small things, yet constant things, small things that actually matter.

Not the things you want, but the things you need. So, learn that no matter what role you play in the relationship, you both are equals. Love and effort is put in from both the sides equally, maybe a little differently but always equally. So treat each other exactly the way you expect to be treated by them.

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Ladies, do these qualities match with your man? How did you two meet? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

  1. I’m 45 and the woman I’m seeing is 25 and she gets weirded out when I open the car door for her. Is that not a thing anymore? Do young guys not open or hold doors for women?

  2. She has not hat a real man. It was how she was raised. A lot of younger women just don’t know any better. It is not out of style.

  3. I met him at work. The relationship is still teething, but I have noticed a few things on which makes me doubt that we’ll have a long lasting relationship. My heart wants to stay a little longer, just to give him a chance while my mind wants to end things as if he doesnot change I would have wasted my time with him.

    I’m confused with this relationship….!!!!

  4. I want a man that will understand me no matter the situation. I seriousely need a man. I’m broken hearted. My contact 0595904968

  5. He doesn’t share money matters with me. I’m unable to share my feelings or concerns about anything important. We only share superficial topics yet he’s attentive in some ways and uncaring in others..married 25 yrs. In my heart, I’m done but confused on if it’s enough to end a marriage

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