Signs of An Unhappy Relationship

Two people who feel really strongly towards each other, strong enough to come forward with their feelings, enter a relationship. People don’t willingly enter a one-sided relationship or one where there isn’t any love from either side. Let’s face it, if people could look into the future and actually see whether their relationships lasted or not, the world would be a happier place.

A lot of things can happen, which results in a relationship going south. Some of these factors are beyond our control; however, most of them are easily avoided if two partners genuinely try to work through them. This isn’t the article where you’re given ways to avoid an unhappy relationship; instead it’s one of those which might reveal that your fears were actually true: your partner is unhappy in the relationship.

Now, it’s one thing when they actually come up to you and tell you that they’re unhappy and that’s as obvious as it gets. However, sometimes you’re left feeling confused about whether or not he or she’s unhappy. Outwardly, they seem pretty okay with things but you get a weird gut feeling which keeps you up at night.

So, here are a few of the signs which indicate that your partner is unhappy in the relationship:

1- Life’s boring:

Let me just clear something up right here because I can feel all of the comments of ‘well, duh’ rolling in. I know that eventually two people begin to lead a very normal life. The date nights and the parties etc. start to get more limited. Honestly, that’s not the sign of an unhappy relationship; it’s a sign of a long relationship. Now, some people are of the sort who’ll never let the excitement die out and others who keep it to a minimum. Neither of them is unhappy. The ones who are unhappy have a completely opposite life. – Continue reading on next page

There’s nothing to talk about and I mean literally nothing. Like, you two will actually go on date nights and feel like you would rather be doing something else. Had you two been fighting, it would’ve made the situation easier to comprehend. ‘Oh, he/she is mad right now so they aren’t talking’. Yet, you two haven’t been fighting but still it’s hard to come up with anything to talk about.

The weird part is that you two actually have topics to talk about. You want to tell him about that incident at work today but you just can’t seem to bring it up. They seem so uninterested in everything like they’d rather be anywhere but here. It feels so forced that it’s upsetting.

2- They try to avoid any talks about the relationship:

No one likes to be nagged 24/7 about petty things in a relationship, I get that. However, some things aren’t petty and two people need to talk about them in order for the relationship to progress.

Communication is key and without communication, you’re basically living with a stranger. A basic sign for any unhappy relationship is the fact that the partners feel awkward when talking about their feelings with one another.

They feel like what they say might nag their partner or make them feel uncomfortable. This may be true or may not be, but the fact is that you can’t directly talk to them about anything. This might be a result of one of two things; you once did talk about relationship stuff and he brushed it off so you thought you shouldn’t anymore or you two talk so rarely about anything which requires an emotional connection that it just feels out-of-place.В  – Continue reading on next page

3- You don’t feel as hurt as you should over certain things:

There are things which completely screw up relationships and certain things which bring cracks in it. Regardless to say, both of these things are to be avoided if you want your relationship to be a happy one. However, even if your partner does something which should have made you feel slightly upset, you feel numb to it. You might think that you’re crazy to do this, but you just feel like there’s no point in anything.

This is the absolute last straw. It is one thing when you’re so in love with your partner that anything they do makes you feel like it’s alright and it’s another when you’re so out of love that you’re numb to anything horrible. Regardless, both of these are worst case scenarios.

4- You begin to long after something else:

At the very beginning of your relationship, you’re so swoon with your partner that you imagine them in every single scenario there is. You cannot see yourself without them. Eventually, it goes to becoming less and less frequent. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with them being less frequent because that just means that you’re busy and preoccupied with other things. However, it should be regarded as a sign of an unhappy relationship when you two no longer feel that strong of a connection.

Everyone, even couples, they need their space and that’s totally understandable. You cannot expect two people to be all up in each other’s face all the time simply because they love each other. Yet, it isn’t healthy if you’ve stopped wanting them in your life. The problem with most unhappy couples is that they’ve been unhappy for so long that they’ve actually gotten used to it by now. They cannot escape that and feel like anything they do will damage the equilibrium.

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