40 Signs She Is Actually Your Soul Mate

You may think that this person might be a close friend, but the difference lies in the union that is eternal in case of soul mate.

Dieting and best friends are two concepts that we say and hear quite commonly in our daily lives. However, very few know the true meaning of these words.

It just requires meeting that special one whom you devote your whole life and soul to. That’s when you start realizing that it’s more than just friendship. Is that person your soul mate?

It is commonly believed that a soul mate is someone we marry and live with forever. However, that’s not true. Soul mate refers to someone whom we cannot imagine living without. The world seems incomplete in their absence. It’s just not about existing with them; it’s about living with them.

You may think that this person might be a close friend, but the difference lies in the union that is eternal in case of soul mate.

You may not always have good terms together. You may disagree at some points or even fight, but no matter how worse the situation is, there’s always some place for reconciliation. That one person who stays with you through thick and thin

Have you found your soul mate yet? These points may help telling if you are blessed to have one.

1. She saves you from the crap. She always tells you the truth.

2 She does not spoil you. She protects you from all the negativity.

3. She sincerely feels good for you. She cherishes your success with all her heart.

4. She will be honest in her opinions. She will tell you right away if that shirt does not look good.

5. She knows what you’re worth. She always expresses how much you mean to her.


6. She boosts up your confidence. She always motivates and uplifts you when you are down.

7. She tells you what’s good for you.

8. She tries to make you self-sufficient. She is not against where you spend your money. She just wants to see you independent.

9. She heartily laughs at your jokes. She likes your humorous even though sometimes your jokes are off track.

10. She never minds when you spend more time with your friends. She just misses your presence.

11. She always gives sincere advice. She would tell you straight away to quit a job you don’t like.

12. She never leaves you in bad times. She stays with you forever.

13. She encourages you to face all the problems bravely. You can always count on her.

14. You are her hero! She absolutely loves making love to you.

15. She knows when to warn you for excess partying and drinking. She is concerned and tries to keep your health intact.

16. She provides motivation at times when you have none left. She never tries to stop you from reaching your goals.

17. She helps you in decision-making. She helps you decide what’s right for you.

18. She changes the way you look at yourself. She wants you to know your worth.

19. There is no other man in her life. You are her everything. She won’t ditch you for other man.

20. She never asks you to change your lifestyle. She tries to adapt to what you like.

21. She never hides anything from you. She would conceal something only, if it is not good to you.

22. She is not against you. She protects you from all the harm.

23. She doesn’t believe in rumors. She trusts you. В

24. She would live and die with you. No matter what life brings.

25. She enjoys drinking with you. She loves every bit of it.

26. She shows you the right direction. She never commands or forces you to do something.

27. She says whatever she feels.В She never talks bad about you behind your back. She says it to you directly but also knows that she can’t just hurt your feelings.

28. She never asks to join you. She is already there at your doorstep.

29. She doesn’t mind when you don’t want to hang out. She understands your mood swings.

30. She is on your team forever! She is not planning to defeat you.

31. She accepts change.В She does not dislike those little changes.

32. She never waits for you to call.В  She is already there before you even know.

33. She cherishes good times with you. She is with you every single moment.

34. She does not waste time texting. She calls you straight away, If she is not occupied.

35. She belongs to your days and nights. She doesn’t really need Snapchat to be in your life happenings.

36. Your choice is very important to her. SheВ really likes to know what you like.

37. She never lets you weep for unworthy reasons. She does not like seeing you worried.

38. She loves wearing your shirts. She doesn’t even bother asking your permission.

39. She stays the special one in your life forever. You want to keep her with you forever.

40. You never have to explain it to her about certain things. She always knows what they mean and if she doesn’t she’s willing to understand.

Have you found Your Soul mate yet? Or Do you have someone in your life who Feels you the same way and you’re not sure whether you’ll go for him or her or not? We would love to Know!

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