Signs Someone is Jealous of You – 8 Common Reasons

signs someone is jealous of you

Whenever you get treated harshly by someone else, don’t take it so personally. They may be just jealous of you. Of course, you aren’t going to please everyone you meet. Not all the people you encounter in daily life will like you. That’s just a fact of the world, and there’s very little you can do about it. Naturally, you can try to put your best foot forward so that it makes it easier for other people to like you. But that can only do so much. Sometimes, you will never get a person to like you unless you change who you are.

Jealousy is such a strong and powerful emotion. It can drive people to do a lot of crazy things and feel a lot of unreasonable emotions. There are moments in life wherein you will amass significant success or gain proper glory and fame. During these moments, the people who love and care about you are sure to cheer you on. However, there are also going to be certain people who will become jealous of you. That’s to be expected. That’s part of the price that you have to pay for success.

However, it’s not just general success that people can become jealous of. Sometimes, even something as trivial as you look can be a trigger point for another person’s jealousy. Have you ever wondered whether someone has become jealous of how you look? Well, stop wondering. There are some particular ways in which you can spot whether a person is jealous of how you look or not. You have to keep an eye out for those signals.

Eight signs someone is jealous of you:

1. They start copying your style of clothing.

You are probably familiar with the old cliché of how imitation is the best form of flattery. Well, that certainly holds here. However, this isn’t the kind of flattery that you would particularly like. Sometimes, when a person is jealous of you, they will go out of their way to be and look like you even when it wouldn’t be wise for them to do so.

2. They downplay how good you look.

What do you do when a light that’s shining too bright is flashed in front of your face? You would try to dim it, right? That’s exactly what this person is trying to do to you. They see you shine too brightly, and so they will try to downplay how brightly you are shining. It’s that simple. To them, you are the sun, and they’re trying to block your rays out.

3. They tell other people that you don’t look that good.

Of course, they would try to convince other people that you don’t look that good. They will try to make you believe that you aren’t good looking by convincing others of that belief. They do this hoping that all external chatter and noise will diminish whatever confidence or self-esteem you might have for yourself.

4. They try to prop up their own selves.

Another common tactic they will employ to take away their thunder is propping themselves up. They will try to convince you and others that they are so much better than you. Sometimes, they will do this by lying or exaggerating the best aspects of themselves. However, it can be effortless to see these lies and exaggerations when you’re looking closely enough.

5. They find ways to humiliate you.

Confidence is always going to be one of the most attractive aspects of a person’s character. Some people aren’t good-looking in the conventional sense. However, because of how confident and self-assured they are, they can become very amiable. So, if someone is jealous of your good looks, they will try to destroy your confidence to make you seem less attractive.

6. They try to give you bad advice.

Of course, there are certainly bad people who would be interested in bringing you down. They will try to do this by steering you in another direction. For instance, they will tell you to get a certain haircut that doesn’t look good on you or buy a dress that won’t fit you well.

7. They will act competitively with you.

Competition is always a key cause of jealousy. It also happens to be a key indicator. Whenever someone is trying to act competitively whenever they’re around you, it might be because they feel threatened by you. And when they feel threatened by you, it’s most likely because they acknowledge the best parts of your personality and are jealous of it.

8. They will hate you for no reason other than jealousy.

Lastly, they will throw hate your way for no apparent reason other than the fact that they’re jealous of how you look. It’s as plain as that.


There you have it. You now know all of the telltale signs that someone is jealous of you. Now, try thinking back on your life. Have you ever encountered people who were copying your style? Have you met someone who tried to give you bad advice on your looks? Have you been on the receiving end of half-hearted compliments? It’s possible that you’ve already encountered some people who have been jealous of how you look, and that’s fine. Jealousy is such an ugly mask to wear, and you should try your best to steer clear from that kind of mindset.

It’s always healthy to look at other peoples’ lives and admire the worthy parts of praise. However, it can be very unhealthy to look at other peoples’ assets and success and be jealous. That’s not going to get you anywhere, and it’s only going to bring about a lot of unnecessary negative energy. Whenever you’re tempted to be jealous, try to swing the other way.

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  1. I’ve been in this situation were people at school and at the store and girls I don’t know are very Jealous of me because I’m not popular.

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