6 Signs That A Guy Isn’t Just Playing With You

He’s not playing around.

You have experienced being hurt in previous relationships by men who were laying games with you. And you so desperately wanted to believe that they were right for you. You thought that your instincts were right and that it would be okay for you to trust them. But no. Your gut betrayed you. He betrayed you. He ended up being just like everyone else. And now you find yourself in a position that makes it difficult for you to trust other people. You no longer want to put yourself in a position of vulnerability. You no longer want to give other people the power to hurt you. You don’t want to make yourself weak ever again because you don’t want to have to endure that kind of pain anymore.

However, you also know that you still want to find love for yourself. And you know that you can’t find love unless you actually take a chance on it. You won’t be able to find love if you won’t make an effort to open yourself up. You won’t be able to find love if you don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable. But as has been established, you don’t want to get hurt anymore. So what do you do? Well, it’s all about taking calculated risks. It’s all about figuring out if the guy that you’re with is actually worth taking a chance on; if he’s a guy who is worth being vulnerable towards.

At the end of the day, love is always going to be a risk. But it’s a risk that we must all be willing to take. Love is the single most powerful force in this world. And we would be doing ourselves a disservice by refusing to let love into our lives just because we were too afraid to allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

Okay. You’re skeptical You’re afraid. But that doesn’t mean that you are going to be taking shots in the dark. You should only ever really allow yourself to be vulnerable for the men who are worthy of your attention. They have to prove their worth to you. And you just have to make sure that you really know how to gauge people properly; you really have to be a better judge of character. And to help you be a better judge of character, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind. These are the 6 signs that your man isn’t playing with you and he’s worth taking a chance on:

1. He is all smiles whenever he’s around you.

guy smiling photo

And you know that it isn’t the kind of smile that a person forces either. It’s not the kind of smile that a person can just fake. You can tell that he’s genuinely happy that he’s around you. It’s also evident that he’s serious about you if he makes a genuine effort to let you know that he is always happy when you’re together.

2. He expresses his affection for you through his actions, and not his words.

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Guys aren’t the best communicators when it comes to words – but they are always known to express how they feel through their actions. So if you have a guy who may not tell you much about how he feels about you, you don’t have to worry; especially if he’s someone who constantly delivers and goes the extra mile for you.

3. He doesn’t force you to change into someone you’re not comfortable with being.

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He acknowledges who you are – flaws and all. And he wouldn’t do anything to change you. He would never want you to feel like you aren’t enough for him. He doesn’t want you to think that he wouldn’t be accepting of who you truly are on the inside.

4. He has seen the worst of you and he still sticks around.

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He knows just how bad you are because you’ve already shown him your bad side. You have already shown him all of your flaws and imperfections. You have shown him all of the worst aspects of your personality. He has seen you at your absolute worst. But still, he has stuck around with you. It just goes to show

5. You share similar values and principles in life.

man love photo

You are compatible. You share similar interests, goals, values, and principles. This makes it so easy for you to just have a relationship because there is minimal friction.

6. He makes you feel that you are his genuine priority.

man love photo

He somehow makes you feel that he’s really serious about you because he prioritizes you. You know that he considers you to be important because he deliberately places you above other things in life. He really makes you feel like you’re a girl who plays a big part in his life. He makes you feel like he would willingly drop anything for you.

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