9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is About To Breakup With You

Love is always going to be a make or break kind of situation. That means that it has the power to make your life beautiful and meaningful. It can fill your days with endless joy, bliss, and fulfillment. However, love also has the power to break you. Meaning that if love ever goes wrong, it can strip you of all things that you hold dear. It can break your spirit and force you to confront the darkest demons of your soul.

It can lead to bitterness, despair, and regret. Love is always a risk that you’re going to have to take. And hopefully, things will always turn out for the best for your sake.

However, it’s never a guarantee. Love doesn’t always promise a happy ending. Love doesn’t always go as planned. Love doesn’t always follow the rules. Love isn’t always going to be fair. And that’s why there are so many couples that break up these days. Because even though we put all our best intentions and efforts into making love work, they’re not always going to be enough. Relationships end. People grow apart. Hearts get broken.

That’s the sad reality that comes attached to falling in love with a person. And breakups are always so difficult to deal with. You fall in love with someone and you get so attached to a certain way of living.

You go about your days getting used to a certain lifestyle. You can’t imagine a life wherein the two of you aren’t together. But love can always turn sour. It happens a lot. And even though you started off really great as a couple, you aren’t always going to be guaranteed that things are going to stay that way.

Issues might arise in the relationship that can lead to the two of you to grow further apart. Sometimes, the pressures of a relationship can really overwhelm the love and bond between two people. There are also times when sheer incompatibility can drive two people apart. Whatever the case, breakups happen.

And they always hurt like hell whenever they occur. But it’s always going to help even just a little bit whenever you are able to brace yourself for a breakup. A lot of the pain that comes with breaking up is the shock that comes with it; when a breakup takes you by surprise. You feel helpless; as if you don’t know what to do about the situation that you’re in. But when you are able to see a breakup coming, you can still do something about it. You can try your best to save your relationship.

And even if you fail, at least you will be able to brace for the eventual pain that is to come. So it really pays to stay on top of things in your relationship. It’s really good that nothing catches you by surprise. But how can you tell if a breakup really is imminent? Well, here are a few signs that you should be keeping your eyes peeled out for.

1. He stops talking about his everyday life with you.

He doesn’t feel compelled to keep you updated on how his life is going at this point. He doesn’t see you as a partner anymore.

2. He doesn’t go to you with important news.

He doesn’t feel compelled to share important news with you anymore. And it’s probably because he doesn’t’ consider you to be an important person in his life.

3. He encourages you to do more things without involving him.

He doesn’t care much about spending time with you at this point. He would rather you just leave him alone and do your own thing without him.

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