Signs Your Ex with Narcissistic Traits Will Show After the Breakup

After breaking up with someone who always wanted things their way, it can be tough to move forward. But guess what? Sometimes, that ex might do things that make you sure you made the right choice. From putting on a show of being sad on social media to trying to get your attention in tricky ways, these actions can be puzzling.

Let’s take a closer look at these signs your ex might show after a breakup, showing you why deciding to end things was not just okay but really important for your happiness. Knowing about these behaviors can help you find peace and start feeling better.

1. Creating Drama for Attention

If your ex starts manufacturing drama or crises to draw you back into their life, it’s a clear sign of their need for constant attention. This behavior underscores the importance of ending the relationship, as it reveals their inability to function without creating chaos.

2. Emotional Manipulation Through Mutual Connections

If your narcissistic ex tries to manipulate your mutual friends or family, be careful. They might tell twisted stories or act like they’re the victim to make others go against you. Knowing these manipulation tricks strengthens your decision to break up and keep away from unhealthy situations.

3. Stalking on Social Media

If your ex starts keeping a close eye on your online activity, such as liking old posts or commenting on new ones, it’s a sign of unhealthy attachment. This behavior reminds you that the breakup was important for your privacy and emotional health, as boundaries are still being ignored.

4. Attempts to Incite Guilt

After a breakup, a narcissist might use guilt-tripping to make you think you’re responsible for their feelings or life problems. This emotional manipulation highlights the need to escape from a relationship where guilt and blame were used to control you.

5. Hoovering for Attention

Hoovering is when a narcissist tries to suck you back into the relationship by showering you with attention or promises of change. Be cautious if your ex suddenly becomes overly charming or apologetic. This behavior underscores the cycle of manipulation you escaped, proving that your decision to end things was essential for your well-being.

6. Gaslighting Attempts

After a breakup, a narcissistic ex might try to play down or deny the problems that caused the split. They might change facts to make you doubt your own memories and feelings. Being aware of these gaslighting attempts reinforces the need to move on from a relationship that lacks honesty and emotional safety.

7. Unwarranted Public Pity Parties

After the breakup, your narcissist ex might go on social media or to mutual friends, portraying themselves as the victim. Their posts may drip with self-pity, seeking sympathy and attention. This behavior reinforces your decision to end things, as it highlights their inability to take responsibility for their actions.

8. Fake Growth and Change

Watch out for a sudden display of personal growth or promises of change from your ex. Narcissists may feign self-improvement to lure you back into the relationship. Recognizing these false gestures reinforces your decision to end things, as true growth takes time and consistency.

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  1. And me an my narc dated for 7 years he discarded me in Sept and to this day I have not heard from him why yoo think that is

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