8 Simple One-Minute “Relationship Boosters”

Relationship is clearly one of the best things that can ever happen to anyone. Throughout life, people dream of having a perfectly happy relationship with their loved ones. During achieving this dream, many people have to face a lot of pain while some of them actually see their dream coming true. Even if you have an awesome relationship, you still need a boost to refresh your relationship and make it more healthy and strong.

Following are some of the ways by which you can refresh your love story:В 

  1. Give a surprise to your partner by doing that nasty task which they would do:

Everyone wants their partner toВ care about them like nobody does. It does not matter if you know the person for a really long time, all you want is to be felt, desired and loved. And you do feel that, when your partner cares about every little thing you do and try to help you out with that.

So, take out some time and surprise your partner by doing the task that your partner hates to do. Usually, the house chores are a great example in this case like taking out the trash or cleaning the tub etc. When your partner gets to know about it he/she will be very happy resulting in a happy relationship.

  1. Praise something specific of the parents of your partner:

The most important thing in everyone’s lives is their parents. Our parents are the ones who gave us birth and raised us up to the point where we can earn for ourselves a better life. It’s human nature that no matter how our parents are, we cannot bear anyone to say anything against them. And if someone compliments our parents, we feel happy and proud.

So to boost your relationship, get into the habit of complimenting your partner’s parents by making the thing more specific e.g. I love the way how your mother always manages to keep the house so clean; I love how your dad takes care of your mother.В *Continue reading to next page*

  1. Complementing the friends of your partner:

After parents and partners, friends are one of the most important assets of one’s life. Friends are always there when we get into any trouble and they supports us in our tough times throughout our whole lives. You will definitely feel happy if your partner compliments your friends. You can praise his/her friends by saying things like, I really appreciate the way Amy took care of you when I was not there.

  1. Refresh your home with the help of flowers in a vase and dining table:

Flowers are people’s best friends and can change a person’s mood in a blink. They have the ability to make anyone smile and refreshed through their beautiful, vibrant colors and mesmerizing smell. In order to make the dinner between you and your partner more romantic and beautiful, put some flowers in a vase and put that vase on the dining table when you eat dinner. Along with that, you can use candles etc. as well, this will make your partner feel loved.

  1. Start calling your partner with the nickname you used to call him/her with:

In the start of a relationship, you give certain nicknames to your partners which only your partner calls you with and it makes you feel special. But with the passage of time, as the responsibilities start increasing and the relationship gets matured, a time comes where you no longer use those nicknames.

If this is the case, then you definitely need to start using them again. Old memories help you remember how precious your love is and how far you have made it through, together. So when you will start calling your partner with the nickname you used to call him/her with, the brain will automatically start associating the nickname with the in-love feeling which he/she used to have in start of the relationship.В *Continue reading to next page*

  1. Start doing fun things which you no longer do:

With the passage of time, things get a little slow and busy, which results in reduction of those fun things which you used to do with your partner. So now, it’s time to start doing that to boost your relationship. Start doing those fun activities with your partner which you used to do but haven’t done them from a time. These activities can be anything that makeВ your partner happy like playing monopoly, walk in rain, cooking together etc.

  1. Acknowledge your partner for things you often take for granted:

Being human, we feel motivated if someone acknowledges us for doing something good. And when this is done by our loved ones, then the happiness reaches up to a whole new level. So, try to thank your partner for things, no matter how big or small, which you used to take for granted like, Thanks for cleaning up the room, sweetheart.

  1. Talk about a memory of something you did together:

Remembering old time feels very good and makes the connection and bond stronger. When we are able to recall the way we used to love in the past, the feeling is beyond beautiful. Start recalling the old memories about the things you did together, with your partner by saying like, I was just thinking about how fun it was to watching the TV together and talking for like hours”.

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