Single Mom of Twins Shares Heartbreaking Story of how Boyfriend Abandoned Her

Images via @maiaknight on TikTok & maiaknight12496 on Instagram

This heartbreaking but truly inspirational story comes from New York, USA. It’s about a single mother who was left alone to raise her twin daughters when her boyfriend abandoned her. He asked her to get an abortion when she was seven weeks pregnant, she refused; leading him to completely abandon his girlfriend and their babies.

One Strong Mama

Maia Knight is a 25-year-old single mom of twins and she’s definitely on our list of super-moms! She went through a lot of trauma after her boyfriend left her and she thought she couldn’t raise two daughters alone, but that’s when she found her real strength. Her strength came from those two beautiful bundles of joy.

When she was 34-weeks pregnant, Maia was diagnosed with preeclampsia – a life-threatening pregnancy complication that causes high blood pressure and leads to organ damage.

She started having contractions and went into heart failure, she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Luckily, she and her twins survived this extremely difficult ordeal. The twins, Violet and Scout, had to spend three weeks in the NICU because they were born prematurely. Today, they’re happy and healthy with their super-mom.

Maia created a TikTok account, @maiaknight, and shared her story of being abandoned, learning to survive, and being happy. She now has over 7.4 million well-deserved followers.

In a video that gained over 1.6 million views and immense support from everyone, she explained her entire story in detail.

You can follow Maia and her beautiful daughters’ journey on TikTok here & Instagram here.

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  1. Been there done it I had two s alone at twenty, after my husband walked out, lost my home , my husband’s debt to pay as he had gone back to mummy ! It was hard but you get there you have no choice you have to !!!so she is no hero its life just get on with it

    1. Gee Karen aren’t u being a Karen about this article. Was your pregnancy life-threatening & did your kid or kids have to live in the NICU? Bc if not then u need to shut the hell up. U must be really sad with your life & jealous of Maia for u to put another women down like that. It’s shitty that your husband did all of that to u & your child or children, but instead of feeling sry for yourself, why don’t u congratulate her for pulling thru & be happy for yourself for doing the same thing. Be proud that you’re both very strong individuals.

      1. I can think of a much better word to describe this Karren but I won’t stoop that low. How awful to put another parent down like that. Massive, massive invalidation yo her struggle.

    2. Wow, you need to learn that extinguishing someone else’s candle will not make yours burn brighter or bigger. Time for an attitude adjustment. Lift others up and the joy will come back to you.

    3. Wow you are a miserable troll. Is this what you do for fun? Degrade and harass them on the internet? Okay we don’t know anything else about her, her life, her family, her upbringing, her finances, her body image. NOTHING! And this is a pregnancy article. If you don’t want to hear about it – DON’T read it!

    4. Gee KAREN….after reading your HATEFUL comment, gives one pause to understand perhaps why he walked. Leaving the kids was the real Sin. You? You obviously haven’t followed your own advice.

    5. I agree🤷🏽‍♀️ Sorry. I was raised by a single mother and preeclampsia is life threatening for all mothers and babies. I had it as well. My baby was in the NICU as well. All is well. Nice story of survival.

    6. Wow that’s incredibly rude. Yes it’s life but she is doing a fantastic job. Have a little bit of empathy.

    7. A little jealous? No, not everyone steps up and does right by their kids. If they did CPS wouldn’t exist.

  2. Karren w/2 r’s….I totally agree with Renee. I mean wow rude & mean much. Apparently both of u WOMEN are strong. Don’t put another person (women) down!! Lift us all up

  3. Her first time being a “mother” & to two beautiful daughters👧🏼👧🏼 She is one AMAZING MAMA💕 we are proud of you. I love watching them that I get excited when one of her #foryoupage pop out on mine!!😬😬🤣 those little girls are happy I can see it!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼

  4. She is an amazing mom! Wow Karren(fancy way to say karen) you’re so low for hating on her. I have twins myself and have a medical condition and a single mom. It’s not easy. Sorry that you’re husband left you( i kinda see why he would after that comment). Your child or children didn’t deserve it but you definitely should deserve to feel pathetic about yourself after that comment. Go Maia!

  5. After ONE negative response, we took the attention off of Maia. I Did it also. As women we should stand together and lift each other up! One person was jealous and ugly, but let’s not let her take anymore attention away from Maia, who is doing a fantastic job and is a real role model!

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