Single Teacher Adopts Her 5-Year-Old Student Who’s Been Through “Endless Trauma”

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This life-changing and inspirational story comes from Indiana, USA. It’s about a 25-year-old teacher who adopts her own student after seeing him go through a difficult life. He’s now her son, and they live a happy life together.

Paige Bramlett – A Good Soul, A Lifesaver

Paige Bramlett is the superhero of this story. She met the boy, William, when he was in kindergarten. Paige worked as his behavior specialist and found out about the kind of endless trauma the child had gone through at such a young and fragile age.

William was in the foster care system; he also had PTSD because of everything he had been through in his four years of life. After being his behavioral specialist, Paige decided to welcome William into her home and foster him.

Her friends and family were against this decision because she was a young single teacher, but she didn’t give them any mind. They called her crazy for doing it, but she did what her heart and humanity told her to.

On October 1st, 2021 – Paige officially adopted William. They are now a loving and happy mother-son duo who learn with each other every day.

In a video posted on her TikTok, Paige spoke about her journey with William:

“He was my kindergarten student. I was his behavior specialist,”

“He didn’t know his ABCs or numbers, now he reads to me every night.”

“He struggled with trauma and PTSD behaviors.”

“One day, he didn’t show up to school, I didn’t know if I would ever see him again.”

“His caseworker brought him the next day. I overheard her say he needed a forever home.”

“I asked her what I needed to do to make sure he was safe.”

“I quickly became licensed & fostered him for 2 years.”

“I adopted him in October 2021. He went from being my student to my son.”

“I’m so thankful for the gift of forever with my boy.”

Paige, You’ve Won Our Hearts

There aren’t many stories that overtake our hearts with joy. Paige is a real-life superhero for taking William into her care and adopting him as her son. She didn’t listen to her friends and family; she listened to herself and her humanity. Our hearts go out to this lovely human being for being so awesome!

You should follow Paige on her TikTok & Instagram where she shares regular updates with a much-happier William.

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Paige Bramlett on TikTok

Images & Featured Image via Paige Bramlett’s TikTok & Instagram

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