6 Reasons You Should Suspect Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Is your partner cheating on you?

This isn’t necessarily an idea that a lot of people in relationships would ever like to entertain, but it’s the cold hard truth that a lot of us have to face. People cheat. Infidelity exists. Loyalty and commitment aren’t necessarily sure things. We’ve seen it happen all the time and a lot of us still believe that it would never happen to us. We’re wrong. It could happen to any of us and it can really break us if we’re not careful. No one really ever goes into a relationship with another person with the expectation that their partner is going to cheat on them. Cases of cheating and unfaithfulness are never planned. Infidelity has the power to threaten even the strongest of relationships.

But one of the worst parts of having to deal with cheating in a relationship is the surprise factor that comes with it. The sheer shock of finding out that you have a partner who so willingly cheats on you even though you love them is downright devastating. More than the act of cheating itself, the utter betrayal that you feel from a person you so trusted is what hurts the most. It’s the feeling of having all of your dreams and ideas about a person come crashing down on you in an instant because you never saw it coming. You try to look back at all those little red flags that you should have seen in the first place, and you smack yourself for not being smarter about it. Maybe you could have softened the blow or beat your partner to the punch had you known earlier. But instead, it all blew up in your face and you didn’t get a chance to prepare for the wreckage that ensued.

So no matter how much you love your partner, if you feel like something is off, then you really have to pay attention to your feelings. You have to be able to listen to your instincts and heed out the signs. Of course, you have to trust that your partner truly loves you, but you also have to protect your heart. You have to be able to be vigilant. You can be loving and be guarded at the same time. It’s all about maintaining that healthy balance. So if you suspect that things aren’t exactly going as smoothly as you think they should be going, then maybe you have to start paying more attention.

The key is in knowing what red flags you should be looking out for in the relationship. You have to be able to know what to look for so that it will be easier for you to spot them. But if you’re feeling lost and you don’t know what you should be keeping an eye out for, then this article is for you. If your partner is exhibiting a few of the signs that are listed on here, then it is highly likely that they are cheating on you and you have a reason to be suspicious of them.

1. They act really weird about the privacy of their phones and laptops.

Of course, one of the biggest telltale signs that your partner is cheating on you is if they act really sketchy with their communication devices. Sure, you should be able to respect their privacy, but they wouldn’t be acting all shady if they didn’t have something to hide. They don’t want you browsing and finding things that aren’t meant for your eyes.

2. You don’t have as much sex as you used to.

It’s only normal for a couple’s sex life to have its occasional slumps as the relationship grows older. But a dramatic drop in your sex life should always be a cause for concern. If your partner isn’t turning to you for sexual fulfillment, you have to consider the possibility that they are getting this fulfillment from other sources.

3. They make a drastic change in their lifestyle without consulting you first.

Simple things like dressing differently, taking up a new fitness routine, or wearing a new brand of perfume can seem like nothing, but these often have heavy implications. You should do a little more digging if your partner starts exhibiting new character traits or habits.

4. They start working weirder hours at the office.

Working late? That’s the classic excuse. If these late nights at the office are becoming more and more frequent, then you have more than enough reason to be suspicious of your partner’s late night activities.

5. They become increasingly more unavailable to you.

Emotional and physical unavailability are always bad signs in a relationship. It may mean that they are being unavailable to you because they are devoting so much of themselves to something or someone else.

6. You get the sense that they are always getting distracted by something.

A guilty mind is a clouded mind. Always remember that. So if your partner is seemingly always distracted, it may be because they are thinking about too many things like lies.

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