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Ladies, are you constantly conscious about the size of your breasts? Undoubtedly, there are so many women out there who feel the pressures of how big their breasts are. There is just this general connotation that men are fonder of women who have bigger breasts.

So, what is there to do for women who have small boobs? Does that mean that women with small breasts are going to be perpetually at a disadvantage? Well, it’s time to dive deeper into the matter and see what science has to say about it.

It’s normal for you to want to explore this kind of topic area when you’re a woman, and you want to figure out the dynamics of attraction. Of course, you would always want to know if men can find you attractive or not.

Perhaps, the best way to resolve this matter would be to turn to science. After all, scientific conclusions re usually well-founded and are adequately substantiated. However, before we get to all of that, let’s look at the anecdotal sentiments of random people.

Here are a few questions that were randomly asked of men on the internet about women’s bodies along with the answers that they gave:

What is the first thing that you usually notice in a woman, and why?

  1. “Typically, I notice her butt first. I’ve always considered myself to be an ass man. It’s the body part that I find most attractive in a woman.”
  2. “I would say hair. For me, a woman’s hairstyle can be a total gamechanger. Sometimes, she can have a pretty face. But if her hair isn’t on point, then I’m not attracted to her.”
  3. “There isn’t just one thing per se that I take notice of. It’s typically a combination of a variety of factors. It’s more of the ratio. I have to look at how proportionate her breasts, hips, butt, and legs are. I only start to notice the small details after I’ve taken a look at the bigger picture.”
  4. “To me, the body has very little to do with it. It’s mostly about the kind of clothes that she wears. She can have a rocking bod, but if she’s not dressed well, then I wouldn’t be able to notice. Some girls who don’t have the best bodies still carry themselves well through their clothes.”
  5. “Confidence. To me, it’s not the physical attributes that I take notice of. It’s really about a woman’s confidence. You can just tell when you’re in the presence of a woman who has a strong sense of self-esteem.”

Do you like it when women’s breasts are bigger?

  1. Yes. Definitely yes. Big breasts are significant to me. It’s tough for me to say no to a woman who has a nice rack.”
  2. “Not really. Most of the time, the women I see who have big boobs are just fat. And I’m not really into fat women all that much. Also, when overly skinny women have big boobs, it just looks disproportional.”
  3. “Not necessarily. I like women who have smaller boobs because they are a lot more fun to play with. They are easier to handle.”
  4. “I could go either way. I like women with small boobs, and I like women with big boobs. It mostly depends on how they carry themselves.”
  5. “I’m the kind of guy who tends to more attracted to women on the curvier side. And boobs add another dimension to curviness. So, yes. I like women who have bigger boobs.”

Is it a deal-breaker to be with a woman who has small breasts?

  1. “Nope. Sure. I might prefer someone who wears a bigger bra size. But that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t date a nice girl just because her boobs are small. I think relationships are much more meaningful than that.”
  2. “Well, it depends. I’m usually only turned on by a woman with big breasts. It can be tough for me to find any sexual satisfaction when I’m dating a girl with relatively small breasts.”
  3. “Not. I think that all breasts are beautiful and that I would willingly get with someone who has small breasts. After all, boobs are just one part of the whole package.”
  4. “No. I think that it would be shallow to reduce a woman to the size of her breasts. I’m just not that kind of guy.”
  5. “Honestly, I would prefer if she has big breasts. And I would be lying if I said that I don’t fantasize about eventually settling down with someone who has a smoking body. And big breasts play a big part in that.”

A Deeper Look into Breast Sizes

There you have it. Those are just the personal sentiments of some men on the internet. This issue cuts much deeper than that. There are so many thoughts and opinions on the matter that vary in degrees and kinds. Some men are very passionate about women’s breasts. There are also some men who just plain don’t care.

All in all, there’s no denying that there are loads of women out there who feel particularly affected by the matter. After all, it’s their breasts that are being judged and put on display here. Some women can handle it better than others. Some don’t care what men think about their bodies. Also, some women are just plainly overly concerned about how men see their breasts. That’s why they will often resort to boob jobs.

What Does Science Have to Say About Small Breasts and Whether Men Like Them?

But what does science have to say about how men see breasts? Many experts and researchers have been studying this topic over many years now.

You might be interested in reading about what they have to say about it. Various studies are readily available for reading by the general public on the internet. But if you want a curated version, then check these out.

1. Men prioritize shape oversize.

Science Reveal's Men's Feelings

There is a massive contingent of men out there who much prefer the shape of a woman’s breast over the size. Typically, the general sentiment is that perkier and fuller breasts are more attractive to look at than those that are dull and droopy.

And this is regardless of whatever size they might be. According to the study, men were fonder of the firmer breasts. These same men didn’t much comment or care about whether these breasts were significant or not.

2. Rich men and poor men don’t share the same opinion on breasts.

Science Reveal's Men's Feelings

There is also a study out there that shows that there is a social class factor that comes into play here. Richer men tend to prefer women who have smaller breasts. And the men who are poorer are more attracted to women who have bigger breasts.

While these may be the findings of the study, there isn’t any definitive reason as to why that’s the case. However, it’s still an interesting point to ponder on nonetheless.

3. All men have different preferences.

Science Reveal's Men's Feelings

Another major study took a look into all of the other studies surrounding this topic. Ultimately, what this study in particular found was that the results always varied.

There hasn’t been any definitive finding on whether men like big or small breasts in particular. It’s all relative, and it’s purely dependent on their personal preferences.

4. Men prioritize other qualities of a woman.

Science Reveal's Men's Feelings

One study, in particular, decided to emphasize that men typically regarded breasts to be a very unimportant factor when it came to a woman’s attractiveness in the eyes of men.

Most men seemed to prefer women who had more excellent personalities, or a better overall body as opposed to just having big or small breasts.

5. Men who prefer bigger breasts tend to have more impoverished characters.

Science Reveal's Men's Feelings

Of course, this isn’t to say that men who like bigger boobs are terrible human beings. However, what this study found was that generally speaking, the men who answered that they preferred women with bigger breasts also had imperfect characters.

So, the study recommended that women stay away from men who only wanted them for the size of their breasts.


The sentiments of men are going to differ depending on who you’re talking to. There are just some men who are more naturally inclined towards women who have fuller bosoms.

Some like it when women’s breasts are smaller. But there are also some men who just plain don’t care much at all about the size of a woman’s breast relative to other factors.

So, if you’re a woman with small breasts reading this, what do you think? How did this article make you feel? If you found the contents of this piece compelling and exciting, feel free to share it with all of your friends.

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Research reference: ScienceDirect

  1. I am still single, but once married, would like for my future wife to have “B” or “C” size breasts, preferably the 2nd choice. This is definitely not the only reason for wanting marriage, but because we are compatible in so many things.

  2. What I got out of this article is that most men prefer women with larger bust sizes, which is extremely frustrating for those of us who couldn’t get higher than a B size during puberty without the help of special lingerie. I don’t appreciate being made to feel llike I am lacking because of my naturally smaller bust size.

  3. The reason I should be thankful for having smaller boobs, Iam safe with “those guy” mentioned, and it makes me look younger than those of my age with bigger boobs, We are made completely we are unique as of “those guy” they are not also perfect. Forsure I will marry a loyal not hungry man.

  4. I’ve always preferred women with a B cup or even smaller breast size. It’s more youthful and it takes a woman with confidence to pull it off, and I like that…yes, were not even talking about the sex is better!

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