Smarter Women Say Their Intelligence Makes It More Difficult To Find The Right Man

There’s no denying the significance of the gender equality movement in this contemporary age. For the most part, the whole rhetoric surrounding gender equality is good for society. However, it can also get very volatile and toxic at times. Sometimes, it can even drive a rift between men and women who are looking to engage in romantic entanglements with one another.

In the past, women were primarily expected to always be in charge of taking care of the household. They were relegated to doing household chores and family-planning responsibilities. They weren’t really encouraged to pursue meaningful and fulfilling careers. But that has changed significantly over recent years.

More and more women are actually making waves in various industries and they are proving that they can contribute so much more to society than initially deemed. There are more female engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and scientists now than there have ever been. It’s the economy of more. Women are just as good at performing these tasks as men are.

However, it’s also true that women’s romantic lives are suffering because of this revolution in gender roles as well. Women might be making more money in high-level careers, but their romantic lives might be in peril too.

Natasha Hooper serves as a perfect example for women who are breaking glass ceilings and transcending gender barriers in this modern society. However, she also admits that the task of finding the right man still manages to elude her. Whenever she goes out on a date, she always tries her best to prepare for it. She does so by preparing a list of potential conversation topics that she can use to get to know her date better.

She believes that such kind of method of preparation would be much better than just spending hours in front of a mirror trying to get her hair and makeup ready. She’s a 22-year-old undergraduate who opens up about her disastrous date with a 30-year-old man a few weeks back. While waiting for her date to arrive, she decided she would bring up the topic of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a potential debate point to stimulate their conversation.

However, when Natasha decided to bring the topic up, it seemingly scared and intimidated her date. IT appeared as though he had no idea who Jeremy Corbyn was and so he tried to gradually shift the conversation towards reality television and sports. Needless to say that Natasha wasn’t exactly happy with how the conversation turned out. It was at that moment when Natasha said she realized that finding the perfect man would be a lot harder than she might have initially thought.

She is definitely a very attractive woman and yet she still finds herself in these kinds of relationships a lot. She always dates men who just don’t meet her high standards and expectations. She opens up about her experiences by saying: “I’m not claiming to be Albert Einstein, but I can’t seem to meet a man I find intellectually stimulating.”

Based on available statistics in the United Kingdom, there are around 30,000 more women than men who are beginning degree courses in the country. And this statistic even carries over into the professional level as well. Women aged between 22 and 29 are documented to earn over $1,000 more per year than their male counterparts.

And this has somehow created some kind of artificial gap between men and women. It turns out that women who are more career-oriented delay starting families not because they are purely focused on their careers, but rather, they find it difficult to land quality men. In more drastic cases, women are actually freezing their eggs in an effort to keep procreation as a viable option for the future.

Natasha goes on to say, “Men may claim to want educated women, but don’t know how to deal with those they meet and some say they’re intimidated by me.”

She even recalls her experiences of dating undergraduate men as she explained, “One canceled our date four times because he was too busy getting drunk. In class, conversations center around going to gigs and smoking weed at weekends, which is not what I’m looking for in a date.”

Natasha said that she totally prefers being with men who are older and more mature. But unfortunately for her, a lot of these older men still fail to reach her standards and expectations. She still encounters older men who would be more inclined to engage in immature conversations with her. And she doesn’t really have any tolerance for that.

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