If Your Man Never Speaks To You On Social Media, You Are Not His Only One

The world has changed. And as people, we have learned to change along with it. We have all learned to adapt. And that’s why in this changing society, relationships are so different now from how they used to be. The world of dating has been revolutionized, and if you fail to keep up with the times, you’re going to risk getting left behind. And that’s just the nature of life in general. You always need to be able to adjust to the call of the times. You always need to make a conscious effort to stay relevant and flexible. And all of these rules and principles apply to the world of dating as well.

What is dating? It’s essentially people making a conscious effort to get to know one another with the intention of finding love. It’s an age-old tradition that human beings have been taking part of for the longest time. But the rules of dating have changed and evolved over time. Things are especially different now in the age of social media. Even if you go back to a time as early as 10 years ago, you would notice substantial differences in the way people approach dating. And that’s all because a lot of our social interactions these days are very dependent on social media.

So, don’t be a fool and think that the world is going to wait and adjust to you if you’re reluctant to play that social media game. You’re going to need to step up if you really don’t want to get left behind. The world is shifting its direction. And if you’re not willing to go along with it, you’re not going to be able to find success.

The world is a lot smaller now because of technology. It’s so easy to interact with other people regardless of constraints brought about by distance. And it’s not just that. Because of so many innovators all across the world, people are afforded different platforms for interaction. There are so many ways in which we can interact with other people now because of different social media platforms. And you can bet that if you want to get serious with a guy, social media is going to play a huge role in that.

In fact, you can really tell a lot about how a guy feels about you based on how he is with you on social media. If you head on over to a guy’s social media profiles and you try to observe his social media activity, you are going to be able to gauge just how he feels about you. A person’s activity on social media can serve as behavioral evidence. And remember that a lot of our behavior is influenced by how we feel. Therefore, you can really tell a lot about a man’s feelings for you on how he behaves in the virtual space as well.

A lot of us can get caught up with how our partners treat us in the real and physical world. And that’s good. That’s right. We should always learn to judge people on how they treat us in the physical space. However, it would be a mistake to disregard social media behavior in this day and age. It would be a mistake to think that a guy’s social media activity is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. With the way the world is to day, social media may not necessarily be everything – but it comprises a huge chunk of contemporary human interaction.

What does it mean if you have a guy who is always sweet-talking you in real life; someone who is always doing the right things for you in real life; but when it comes to social media, he’s practically acting like you don’t exist? That’s a serious red flag. You use that he keeps on posting a lot of memes and he keeps on sharing a lot of viral videos. But why doesn’t he make an effort to comment on your photos? Why doesn’t he make an effort to reach out to you on social media? Why wouldn’t he even be liking any of your posts? Why does it seem like he’s going out of his way to act like you don’t exist to him in a virtual space?

And then you start to realize that he’s only ever really sweet to you when you’re in private. Social media is very public. And the probable reason that he doesn’t want to acknowledge your existence on social media is because he’s not really as committed to you as you may think. You can tell a lot about a man based on how he treats you when it’s just the two of you. But you can tell so much more about a man based on how he treats you when he knows the whole world is watching.

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