Some People Come Into Your Life Just To Teach You How To Let Go

You might not necessarily believe in the idea of fate or destiny, and that’s okay.

Not all people who come into your life are meant to stay. Not all failed relationships are going to be a waste of time. Remember that in life, it’s always important to try to find meaning in everything that you do and everything that happens to you. The best way to grow and learn as a person is to always be introspective and reflective. Try to make the best out of every situation that you’re in and try to learn from them. Do your best to pick up any valuable lessons that you might learn from these experiences whether good or bad. 

You might not necessarily believe in the idea of fate or destiny, and that’s okay. You might be a cynic who doesn’t see the grand design in the universe and you might believe that everything just happens by chance. That’s fine. Not everything that happens to you is always going to have a reason. But you must still always be able to find meaning in these events, experiences, and people who you cross paths with in life. There may not be a specific reason as to why you encounter these people, but they are still going to be able to provide you with valuable perspective and meaning. 

Take for instance when two people who have been best friends for such a long time just eventually find their friendship to dwindle away into nothing. There wasn’t necessarily a friendship-ending argument. There was no significant event that took place. It was just two souls who happened to drift apart. There is no logical explanation for this situation. There’s no way to rationalize it into pure coherence. 

Another example would be when a couple in a loving relationship just suddenly breaks up because one of them decided to cheat on the other. Why would a person who is deeply, madly, crazily in love with their partner cheat on them with someone else? Sure, human beings have urges, but these are experiences that always defy common logic. These are those instances that manage to escape rationality. One would never expect a deeply committed and person who is in love to ever cheat and be unfaithful. And yet, these things happen. They are more than just mere abstract possibilities, they are real metaphysical truths. And what would you do if you find yourself in this kind of situation? Would you just shrug it off? Would you take it to heart?

Of course, the worst absolute thing that you could do whenever you find that people unexpectedly leave you is if you let it cripple you. You can’t afford to let yourself drown in sorrow and sadness whenever a person you love takes an abrupt exit from your life. Yes, it’s okay to grieve, but you can’t let yourself just wallow in sadness. You can’t let your devastation paralyze you into inactiveness. You have to be able to come to terms with the fact that people do leave, and sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do about it. 

There’s no acceptable reason that anyone you love would ever leave you, but it still happens. And you have to understand that the fact that that person left you doesn’t have to be the end in itself. Sometimes, a person is going to leave you just so you can learn how to detach. Sometimes, a person leaves you so that you are forced to learn how to grow up and let go of things that are beyond your control. Part of maturity is actually realizing your own limitations as a human being. Part of growing up is learning that you can’t always have full control of the situation that you’re in or the people you surround yourself with and that’s okay. Part of getting on in life is knowing that you are going to attach yourself to people who potentially have the power to leave you in the dust and you’re going to have to cope with that loss. These are very important life lessons that you need to take to heart. These are things that you have to learn sooner rather than later.

It’s okay to be disappointed if a person you loved chose to leave. That’s a perfectly normal and expected response to that kind of situation. But you should also be thankful to have had that person come through your life. You should be thankful that that person gave you some much-needed perspective on human nature. You have to be thankful that you have the mental fortitude and the emotional strength to pick yourself back up and get things back on track with your life. You have to be thankful to know that you are strong enough to overcome the fact that sometimes, people just leave. You have to be thankful that you unwillingly learned to let people go.

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