Some People Want Material Things. Me? I Just Want Peace, Happy Times, And People Who Love Me

Whenever people ask me what it is that I want out of life, they always make it seem like it’s such a simple question that warrants a simple answer. Well, the fact of the matter is that there is nothing simple about this question at all. And therefore, it should warrant a rather complex answer. I’m going to try to simplify this the best way that I can though. Because at the end of the day, a life that is just overly complicated is a life that isn’t going to be fun anymore.

The truth is that there are just so many contradictions in life that sometimes, I end up contradicting myself with what I really want. I really want to find happiness in this world. But I also know that in order to find happiness, I’m going to have to go through struggles. And having to go through hard times won’t necessarily make me happy at that moment. But it’s truly what I want at the end of the day. I want to be able to smile to myself whenever I think about how great my life really is. I want to be a person who people have no difficulty falling in love with. And most importantly, I want to be a person that I can love myself.

I want to find calmness, peace, and serenity in my life. I don’t want to be stressed out over the irrelevant things in my life. I don’t want to have my world rocked in negative ways by people who don’t really matter. I don’t want to be giving too much time to unnecessary distractions in this life; the things that keep me from being who I need to be – from going where I need to go. I want to live a life of motivation and inspiration. I want to follow my ambitions. And I want to live a life of accomplishment.

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I want to live a life of sincerity and honesty. I am always going to want to surround myself with people who would never lie to me; with people who respect me enough to always tell me the truth. I want to always keep things real. I have no time to be fake for people who don’t really matter to me. I have no time to be putting up an act for people who don’t really add any value to my life. However, even though I want to be frank, I also want to be sensitive. I want to be compassionate. I want to be careful with how I conduct myself and how I act when I’m around other people. I want to be who I really am without completely alienating all those people who are around me.

I want to live a life of gratitude and appreciation. I always want the people who love me to know just how much I value having them in my life. I always want to be living in the moment. I never want to be taking for granted the things that are right in front of me. I never want to be taking for granted all of my meaningful relationships and precious moments. I never want to let go of the past moments and memories that helped shape who I am today. But I don’t want to be holding on too tightly at the expense of my present. I want to be looking towards the future, but I still want to be mindful of today. I want to savor every feeling and sensation that I’m experiencing right now.

I don’t want to be carrying any emotional baggage. I don’t want to be carrying any toxicity within me. I want to let go of all bitterness and jealousy that I might have. I don’t want to keep comparing myself to the lives and accomplishments of other people. I never want to keep judging my life based on how I think other people see me. I can’t keep on depending on other people for validity. I need to give myself my own sense of self-worth and validation. I need to build a life for myself that I can be proud of.

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I want to live a life that is full of laughter and positive vibes. I know that there are so many things in this world that are worth being sad over. I know that there are many frustrations that come with this life. But I want to always be looking at the positive. I always want to be finding a reason to smile. I always want to be finding a reason to laugh and be joyous.

But more than anything, I want to find peace in my life. I want to be content with the life that I have. I want to be happy with the fact that I love this life; and that I have people who love me too.

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