Someone Who Really Loves You Will Love All Of You; Including Your Imperfections

One day, you’re going to meet someone who will love you the way that you deserve to be loved: holistically and unconditionally.

You are going to meet a person who is going to make you stop second-guessing yourself. You are going to meet that one guy who is going to show you the true meaning of love; and you’re going to know it’s true love because it will be like nothing you had ever experienced before. You are going to find a love so pure and true, you will discover a level of happiness that you never thought you could ever achieve.

When you find someone who loves you, he’s going to love all of you. He won’t make you wonder if you should revamp your entire wardrobe just so you can look pleasing to him. He won’t pressure you into thinking, talking, or acting a certain way just to keep him in your life. He’s not going to force you to constantly reexamine yourself just to make sure that you aren’t coming off too strong or too weird to him. You won’t have to pore over every single word in your text message before you click send because he’s not a stickler for how you communicate to him. You won’t have to overthink anything in your relationship because he’s going to do whatever he can to make things simple and easy for you. He is going to love you so much to the point where you can just feel that love in the form of comfort and ease in your life.

You won’t have to pressure yourself to be someone you’re not. He’s not going to make you want to change who you are. You won’t feel compelled to act like someone from high society. You won’t have to act like you’re the most intelligent and eloquent person in the world. You’re not going to have to pretend to be interested in things that you’re just not passionate about. When you fall in love with the guy who truly loves you, he’s going to make you want to just be yourself. He’s going to love you in a way that forces you to love yourself. He’s going to love you the way that you should be loved wholeheartedly. He’s going to love all parts of you whether good or bad. He will love you not just for what you do or what you can offer. He’s going to love you for who you are.

If you’re lucky enough, you’re going to find someone who not only accepts you; but someone who also understands you. He doesn’t just tolerate your quirks, flaws, and weird traits. He understands why they’re there. He knows that they are essential facets of your personality and that’s why he’s still going to choose to love these imperfections about you. He is going to love how you are a little weird sometimes because that’s just who you are. He won’t find any of these quirks annoying at all because as a whole, he could never find you annoying. He loves you. He loves all of you. He will love you even when you’re at a point where you’re most difficult to love.

You could be doing the most mundane, annoying, normal, mediocre, and simple things but he’s going to find all of that attractive. He’s going to find all of that endearing. These things might mean nothing to you; but they’re everything to him. He loves that these are the things that make you who you are. And he loves you as a whole; not just the parts that are flashy and easy to love. He loves you whether it’s convenient or not. He loves you when you’re being funny and when you’re being serious. He loves you when you’re finding success, but he also loves you whenever you stumble and fall. He loves you when you’re being smart and witty, but he still loves you when you’re making all the wrong decisions. Because that’s what love really is. It’s not just about loving someone when it’s convenient or easy to do so. It’s about loving someone consistently.

Of course, he isn’t going to blind himself to your imperfections either. He knows that you are an incredibly flawed human being, as we all are. He won’t place you on some sort of unrealistic pedestal. But what he is going to do is see you for who you really are and love you for everything that makes up your personality. He knows that the bad stuff comes with the good as a packaged deal. He knows that he can’t just pick out the parts he wants to love. He knows that if he’s really going to love you, he has to love all of you. There is no middle ground.

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