Someone Who Tried To Rescue A Dog Locked In A HOT CAR Was Yelled At By Its Owner

We don’t like to get involved in people’s problems, but you can’t ignore a dog in the car on a hot day. Jennifer Williams-Frangie saw that the other day when she went for groceries. Whether or not she parked the car for half an hour was not clear to her.

She knew it would be too hot for the pet to be left alone in the car.

Josh Candelaria, who filmed the video and posted it on Facebook, wrote, “Just out for groceries and I see a dog locked in his car.”. Nobody’s around. We can’t find the owner.”

A verbal altercation between Jennifer and the owner soon followed.

People kept asking about her dog and making sure it was okay, so she got aggressive. She got close to Jennifer, invading her personal space, as seen in the video. Also, she got to know the cameraman.

As the dog was wet, the owners explained that they had just returned from swimming (dogs do not sweat).

From this perspective, it is likely that the dog has not been left alone for too long and was wet enough not to heat up quickly. But, she could have left one person behind rather than going out together. Alternatively, she could not become aggressive when people inquire about her dog as they were concerned.

There was no physical altercation, but it probably could have happened despite insults and verbal attacks.

I’ll sit with your dog and make sure he’s okay, and then I’ll break into your car and give him water,” Jennifer wrote.

The dog is safe and sound; Jennifer provided a lesson on how we as a community must always be mindful of our surroundings and that not everyone has bad intentions because they are near your vehicle. Think like Jennifer.

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