Sometimes, You Just Need To Erase The Messages, Delete The Numbers, And Move On.

Is here a reason that you still have his phone number saved on your phone? What’s the point of rereading all of those old messages over and over again? What do you have to gain from clinging to all of these old memories that you share with him? It seems like you’re putting yourself in a very unfortunate situation by doing this. And it also looks like you need a healthy dose of truth right now and here it is: things are over between the two of you. You’re never going to get him back; and you might as well learn to move on.

Yes, moving on is a lot easier said than done. And no one is going to blame you for being reluctant. No one is going to blame you for being scared. You fell in love; and things didn’t work out. And that’s no small thing. Falling in love can be such an emotional rollercoaster. You spend so much time trying to put yourself in a position to fall in love. You go through the whole process. You go through the motions. You date around and you meet new people. You put yourself out there and you are forced to endure a lot of disappointment and hardships.

Until one day, you are lucky enough to finally meet someone who you can really sink your teeth into. You meet someone who really manages to tickle your fancy. And lo and behold, he happens to be just as into you as well. He flirts with you. He asks you out on dates. He tries to woo you with his charm. You are helpless to his advances and so you agree to go out with him. You get to know one another. And little by little, you slowly fall in love with each other.

And it’s probably the most amazing thing that you have ever had the privilege of experiencing in your entire life. You start to discover what it means to find bliss in another person. And it’s really strange to you how love can be both everything and nothing like you could have ever expected it would be. And all of it thrills you. The excitement breathes a new life in you. You have a renewed outlook on life and you are more excited to face the world each day knowing that you have your partner by your side.

And things start off really great when you’re in a relationship. It’s an endless ride of just constantly being high all the time; high on love and affection. You are riding a wave of perpetual bliss and you don’t want it to ever end. You are caught in what most people refer to as the honeymoon period. It feels like there’s nothing in the world that could go wrong. You feel like there are no problems, challenges, or issues that could stop you in your relationship. You think that you’re an unstoppable force; that your love is so strong that it actually has the power to overcome every obstacle that crosses your way.

But then the heat of the relationship starts to die down a little bit. The euphoria is gradually starting to fade away and things start to get real between the two of you. You start to realize that your relationship isn’t perfect after all. And you are frightened. Because you also realize that your relationship isn’t invincible. You start to have a few fights here and there. The two of you start to have a few cyclical arguments that have no end. And they just start off as little spats; but then they evolve into the more serious stuff. And it’s really starting to hit you. You’re not as strong a couple as you may have initially thought.

You start to think about the idea of the two of you not being able to make things work after all… and then your worst dreams actually come to life. You find that the issues that plague your relationship are too strong for you to handle after all. And you both make the mature decision to just end things. You both decide to call it quits – even though it hurts.

And here you are now. Things are over between the two of you but you still haven’t detached yourself from that situation. And it’s that attachment to an idea so toxic that is killing you on the inside. And you need to be better. For your own sake, you really need to move on. You have to realize that just because things didn’t work out with the love of your life doesn’t mean that you won’t ever find love in the future. You’re eventually going to find love for yourself; and it all starts with you making the decision to move on from the love that failed.

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