Spanish Actress Ana Obregón, 68, Reveals Her Newborn Baby is the Biological Child of her Son Who Died in 2020

Ana Obregón, who recently welcomed a baby girl via surrogate, claims that the newborn is the biological child of her late son, Aless, who died of cancer in May 2020.

In an interview with ¡Hola! Magazine, Ana claimed that her newborn daughter is actually her granddaughter.

“This girl isn’t my daughter, she’s my granddaughter,” she said. “This was Aless’ final wish, to bring a child of his own into the world.”

The baby girl named Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón (nickname Anita) was born to the actress via a US-based surrogate.

“She is Aless’s daughter, and when she grows up, I will tell her that her father was a hero so that she knows who she is and how proud she should be of him,” Obregón said.

According to The Guardian, “doctors had encouraged her son, Aless Lequio García, to preserve samples of sperm before he began treatment and that he expressed a desire just before dying to have a child. The samples, she said, were stored in New York.”

Ana said she and her husband started the process of conceiving Aless’s baby the day he left this world.

“What people don’t know is that this was Aless’ last will,” she said.

She noted that the whole process took three years because of the legalities. Legally Ana Sandra will be recognized as her daughter, but in reality, she is her granddaughter.

“But it’s what has kept me alive,” she added. “It’s just that if it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t be here anymore.”

The 68-year-old also shared the interview on her Instagram along with a lengthy caption.

“My Aless: I swore I would save you from cancer, and I failed you. I promised you I’d bring your daughter into the world, and here she is in my arms,” Ana wrote.

“When I hug her, it’s an indescribable feeling because it’s as if I were hugging you again,” she continued, as translated to English. “I swear that I will take care of her with the infinite love that I have to give, and from heaven, you will help me.”

“You are the love of my life in heaven and your daughter is the love of my life on earth. I love you to death. Mom,” she concluded.

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