Stay-at-Home Mom Goes Viral on TikTok By Making a Video of Everything She Does After Boyfriend Tells Her She Doesn’t Do Anything

Images via @sierra_not_ciara on TikTok

It’s a mantra here at Relationship Rules that we have a special place for mothers in our hearts. Every mom on this planet deserves a crown for raising happy children and going through all of the challenges and difficulties of being a positive and nurturing mother.

Today’s story is about a stay-at-home mom; her boyfriend didn’t appreciate her and said she didn’t do anything while he worked all day at his job. She made a video of herself, basically following one day in the life of a stay-at-home mom.

The Story

Sierra Nicole, stay-at-home mom and TikToker, went viral on TikTok when her video gained more than 10 million views. In the video, she can be seen doing things all around the house while taking care of her babies.

It was meant to respond to her boyfriend and show how challenging being a mom is. It’s no walk in the park; just because she’s at home doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one of the toughest jobs in the world.

In her video, Sierra showed her entire day; in which she can be seen:

1. Cleaning the dishes

2. Feeding her baby

3. Preparing food

4. Changing diapers

5. Bathing her baby

6. Drying her baby

7. Watching a baby’s show on TV

8. Cradling her younger baby

9. Cleaning and drying clothes

10. Taking care of her younger baby

11. Grabbing a snack while holding her younger baby

12. Putting her younger baby to sleep

13. Cleaning up the house again

To understand her entire day properly, you have to watch the video – it truly captures what a mother has to go through during a normal day at home, which shows how much appreciation they truly deserve. You can watch the video here.

Upon receiving enormous praise on her TikTok, she had to turn the comments on the video off because many people started to send hate messages to her boyfriend, which she didn’t want. The couple has now reconciled about this, and they’re happy.

You can follow Sierra on her TikTok here.

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  1. i am widowed with three kids and was asked dont i get bored ? i have four cats two dogs two fish two turtles a bearded dragon
    and today i have three teen age daughters two who are v in mental health care im
    bipolar i have no family help we live here in phoenix my husband was killed 15 years ago i could relate i want to say this girl deserves an award i remember those days diapers everything . god bless you girl and i have two older daughters too one named sierra you go girl !!!

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