Stay. No Matter How Hard It Is To Be With Me, Just Stay.

Staying isn’t always going to be the easiest choice. I understand that. It’s always going to be so much easier to leave a situation that you’re not entirely happy with. I can’t blame you if you leave, really. By leaving, you would be putting yourself in a position wherein you would no longer have to worry about how another person feels about you. You wouldn’t be giving much care to how another person sees you. You wouldn’t have to feel so responsible for the emotions of another human being. You wouldn’t find yourself having to question why that person isn’t replying to your messages just yet.

You wouldn’t have to be worrying about where someone is at any particular moment. You wouldn’t have to be investing yourself in how someone else is spending their time. You wouldn’t have to force yourself to go through difficult conversations and you wouldn’t have to be asking so many difficult questions. You wouldn’t have to bear with the thought of opening yourself up to getting hurt. You wouldn’t have to worry about being betrayed. You wouldn’t have to be concerned with the idea of potentially getting your heart broken by someone. You can just leave and all of these stresses would erase themselves from your life completely.

But even though it’s much easier to leave; even though it’s much harder to stay with me – I ask you to do so. Please remain at my side. Please stay. Please don’t leave me. Please don’t ever stop fighting for me. I know that it’s going to be much simpler if you leave me. You won’t have anything to lose anymore if you just cut me off completely. You don’t have to be invested in my feelings anymore. You wont have to open yourself up in ways that you don’t want to. You won’t have to feel compelled to be vulnerable with me anymore. You won’t have to endure the lows that come with being in a relationship with someone.

You can always opt to play it safe; you can always opt for simplicity as opposed to a world of complexity with me. It’s always much simpler if you just leave me because you won’t be risking anything anymore. You won’t be betting; you won’t be taking your chance on anything or anyone. You won’t be gambling. You won’t be setting yourself up for loss. You can walk out that door and never look back; and life will be a lot easier for you – but still, I urge you not to. I hope that you stay with me no matter how hard it gets. I hope that you be with me even when it would be so much easier for you to just get up and go.

I hope that you stay even when it would be much more convenient for you to just excuse yourself from this dramatic narrative. If you choose to leave me, you have all of the power. If you choose to stay with me, you are going to feel powerless a lot of the time. If you leave me, you are going to be in full control of the situation. But when you’re with me, you’re going to have to constantly brace yourself for the unexpected – because there are going to be many things that will be beyond your control. If you leave, you won’t have to bear with changing moods and personalities of other people.

But if you stay with me, you are going to have to put up with my dynamic personality. You are going to have to bear with me when I am at my worst; and you are going to have to savor every fleeting moment of when I’m at my best. If you leave me, you won’t feel like anything is holding you back. You are going to have complete freedom. You are going to get to call all of the shots. But if you stay with me, you’re always going to have to take me into consideration before you do or say anything. You are always going to have to think of me before you come to a decision. You aren’t going to be allowed to be selfish if you stay with me.

And I hope that you can give up a little of your freedom just so you can be with me. I hope that you will be willing to compromise and sacrifice for the sake of staying with me. I hope that you can be selfless to a certain extent just so you can accommodate me in your life.And if you do stay with me, I promise that it’s not always going to be easy. I promise that it’s not always going to be simple. But I also promise that I’m going to make it worthwhile. If you commit to staying with me, then I’m also going to commit to keeping you at my side; to always making sure that you feel loved and appreciated. I promise that I will never abandon you – so as long as you never abandon me.

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