Stay Single Until You Are With Someone Who Actually Cares About You

A lot of us are going to be afraid of being single because we don’t want to have to bear with the solitude and the loneliness. We fear that being single would mean that we are going to be subjected to a lot of time on our own; time that we wouldn’t really know how to deal with. But you have to know that being single is a lot better than being in a relationship that sucks.

The truth is that just because you are on your own doesn’t mean that you have to be lonely. The fact that you aren’t in a relationship doesn’t automatically imply that you should be subjected to feeling lonesome and sad.

You would be much better off being alone than struggling in a relationship with a douchebag who is just going to take you for granted and take advantage of you. There are plenty of people who fall into half-hearted romances just because they think that it’s a better alternative to being single. They would rather be in relationships that don’t make them happy as opposed to just being on their own.

One other reason why so many women happen to fall into these doomed relationships is because of such a thing called a “biological” clock.

This is something that is especially prominent in women. A lot of girls are afraid that the longer they stay single, then the less likely they would be able to procreate and bring kids into this world. They pressure themselves into getting into relationships because they believe that the time they have to get pregnant is limited. So, they end up forcing the issue with a guy they might not even really be in love with.

If you’re still not convinced, then you need to continue reading this until the end of the article. Highlighted here are going to be a few valid reasons as to why it’s much better for you to just stay single than to be with someone who clearly doesn’t care about you the way that you need to be cared for.

If you choose to stay single first, you are going to get a chance to really take care of yourself. You will get a chance to really experience what it means to engage in self-love. It’s always important that you really tap into the core essence of your being. And you need to make sure that you understand your needs and that you do everything you can to meet them.

If you just stay single, you will get an opportunity to really focus on the direction of your career and professional life. You don’t really have to burden yourself with anyone else. You just get to focus on where you are going regardless of where everyone else is at.

If you really make it a point to just focus on yourself and what your future holds for you, it would be nearly impossible to not achieve success and happiness in your life.

Yes, relationships really are beautiful. But there’s no denying that there is an ugly side to them as well. It all just depends on what kind of relationship you have and who you are in it with. You always want to make sure that you are with someone who really commits to you. And it shouldn’t be the kind of commitment that is about social media relationship statuses and pet names.

The kind of commitment that you need in a relationship is the one that is felt in the form of words and actions. You want to be with someone who really goes out of their way to make you feel like you are the most important thing to them. You want someone to commit to actually making things work for the best with you. Otherwise, you would really just be wasting your time with them.

And you never want to be wasting your time on anyone or anything.

You want to make sure that you value your time intelligently. You have to utilize your time to add as much value into your life as possible. And a lot of the time, that value doesn’t have to come from another person or a relationship. You can generate value in your own life by making the right decisions and steering your life in the right direction.

So, just choose to stay single until you actually get to meet the right person. Just be okay with being alone until you find that one person who will love you and care for you the way that you deserve.

When you’re with the right person, it will be nothing like you have ever experienced in your life. There will be not even a single ounce of doubt or insecurity in you. You will finally get to understand what it means to find happiness in another person.

But until you meet that person, just stay single.

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