Stay Single Until You Meet The Person Who Does These Things

If you have yet to find the love of your life, then this article is definitely for you. We are all pretty much aware of the fact that there is no perfect soul in this world. All of us are going to carry with us our fair share of flaws, blemishes, and imperfections. That’s why you should never expect to ever meet someone who isn’t going to have a few flaws and imperfections here and there.

However, you shouldn’t take that to mean that you should just settle for a person who is going to make you unhappy and stressed either. You still have the right to look for the love that you think you are genuinely deserving of. You shouldn’t have to settle for being with just anyone purely because you aren’t perfect. No one expects you to be perfect either. However, you always deserve to be treated with love and respect – most especially in a romantic relationship.

That’s why patience is always going to be key. You can’t just RUSH into a relationship just because the opportunity is there. You have to pick your spots. And sometimes, that means having to pass up on potential relationships because these aren’t going to be the right ones for you. And as difficult as that might be to do, it’s going to definitely pay off when you meet the one who you are meant to be with all along. The key is in being able to spot that person right away when you meet them. You shouldn’t have to settle for being in a mediocre relationship just because you’re desperate. Don’t let your desperation deprive you of the love that you are truly deserving of. Stay single until you meet the person who does these things:

1. Holds your hand as you face all of the worries and problems in your life just to make sure that you know that you’re not alone.

2. Heals all of the parts of you that have been used, bruised, abused, bent, and broken by toxic individuals in your past.

3. Gives you the confidence, drive, and inspiration that you need to be everything that you want to be in life.

4. Does whatever it takes to earn your trust, and makes sure to never betray it. They know that trust is never going to be the same once it’s broken.

5. Always follows up on what they say with real actions that you can feel and see. They are always sticking to their commitments and promises to you.

6. Treats you with absolute kindness and respect; the kind that you are always deserving of from everyone that you meet.

7. Gives you a sense of security and safety in your relationship; the kind that never induces any pain, anxiety, stress, or uncertainty on your part.

8. Acts consistent in your relationship to give you a sense of stability. You never have to worry about waking up one day to realize that they’ve bolted.

9. Allows you to have the spotlight whenever you are deserving of it. They don’t have an ego that compels them to be the center of attention every time in the relationship.

10. Opens up to you about their innermost thoughts and feelings. They do this so that you always know where they stand; so that the two of you can always be on the same page in your relationship.

11. Puts in a lot of time, effort, and dedication into the relationship because they know that that is what it takes to make the relationship work. They are smart enough to know that love alone isn’t enough to sustain a relationship.

12. Stays loyal and true to you and only you. When they say that they want to be with you and you alone, they really mean it. They aren’t looking to play around with anyone anymore. They aren’t keeping their options open because they’ve chosen you.

13. Asks lots of questions about you just to get to know you better. They are constantly looking for new ways to connect with you every day, and a bulk of that lies in just exploring who you are as a person.

14. Inspires you to be a better person. Their mere presence in your life is enough to make you want to be the best version of yourself at all times.

15. Apologizes to you whenever they do something wrong. You always want a partner who is humble enough to acknowledge their imperfections; someone who is able to swallow their pride and apologize when necessary.

16. Makes you feel like you are the only person in the room when they look at you. You deserve to feel what it’s like to feel like it’s just the two of you in the midst of a crowded room.

  1. So true. Sad thing even felling that way and knowing it I let myself get lost and without her I’ll probably never be found. So be life

  2. Number 2 is the function of a therapist. Very few people have the training necessary to fulfill the healing function, & it is unfair to burden a partner with that profoundly complex task.

  3. These ones are rare nowadays I better get the wrong one and change her into a good one .. If she doesn’t change then I will leave her

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