Stop Expecting Loyalty From People Who Can’t Even Give You Honesty

The best relationship of your life is going to be with someone who is always going to stay loyal to you; and remember that you can never have real loyalty in a relationship when there is no honesty. Just why is it important to have loyalty in a relationship anyway? Isn’t it already enough that the two of you are able to love one another? Short answer: no. Love alone is never enough to sustain a relationship. That’s why there are so many couples all over the world who are deeply in love and yet, are forced to break up with each other. There are many variables that go into determining the success of a relationship. And love is just but one aspect of that extremely complicated web. You really need to be with a partner who is going to stay loyal to you;

someone who is always going to commit to making things work between the two of you in your relationship. Know that relationships are rarely ever composed of smooth sails. Relationships are rough and tough. They are going to demand so much from you; and even when you’re willing to give all of yourself to a relationship, you aren’t always going to be guaranteed success. You aren’t always going to be given the assurance that the two of you are going to go all the way. Relationships will require maximum effort from the both of you throughout the duration of the entire tenure of your love. And the moment that either one of you becomes lax or complacent;

the moment that either one of you thinks that it’s okay to slack off, that will the day that your love starts to deteriorate into nothing. And that’s why you need a partner who is always going to stay loyal to you; someone who is always going to commit to the idea of working hard to sustain your love for the long haul. And how exactly do you find out if a person is going to be loyal to you or not? Well, one thing that you can do is determine whether or not that person is going to stay honest with you. It’s as simple as this, really: a person who finds no problem with being dishonest with you is a person who is never going to stay loyal to you. What is the connection between being honest and being loyal?

Part of being loyal to a person is letting that someone know that you always have their back. And when you have someone’s back, that means that you would never do or say anything that would mislead, betray, or deceive them in any degree or manner. When you have a person who is going to be so willing to lie to you, then that person isn’t loyal to the idea of making sure that you ALWAYS know the answers; that you are ALWAYS being given the truth. It’s been well-established that any form of dishonesty, however comforting it might be, is always going to be a form of betrayal.

When you are truly loyal to a person, you stay honest with that person even when it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient to do so. You need to tell this person exactly what they need to hear; not necessarily what they want to hear. If you are going to stay loyal to someone, then you are going to have to tell that person the truth even when it gets you into trouble. When you want to prove your loyalty to someone, you are going to have to tell that person the truth even when it hurts their feelings. Because at the end of the day, a person will get over the pain that comes with the truth. But it’s rare for anyone to ever recover from the kind of pain that comes from deceit and betrayal.

Remember that dishonesty is a form of abuse and emotional manipulation. It’s a way of dealing with a person in a manner that they are not deserving of. When you lie to a person, you are disrespecting them. You aren’t giving them the respect that they are due. You are denying them of their right to the truth. You are blatantly condemning them to a world of lies and deceit; and there is indeed nothing loyal about that. So if you happen to be in a relationship with someone who lies to you, then call them out on it.

And if they’re unwilling to change, then leave. At the end of the day, you are only ever really going to be able to make things last with someone who is going to stay consistently loyal to you. And a person who has no problems with misleading you; someone who finds it so easy to be dishonest with you is someone who would never be considered loyal in a relationship.

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