Stop Raising Your Boyfriend. You’re Not His Mother.

It’s always going to require the full efforts of two MATURE individuals in order for a relationship to work out. You are just never going to be able to make things work if at least one of you doesn’t have the maturity that is needed to actually sustain a romantic entanglement. That’s why you should be very wary of getting into relationships with immature men. Yes, they can be the kindest and sweetest boys on the planet. But if they aren’t mature enough to actually live up to the responsibilities that come with making a relationship work, you’re going to be in for a very rough time.

But it can be very tempting for a lot of women to get into relationships with immature boys. You might be one of those girls who have very strong maternal instincts. You might just naturally be attracted to boys who need to be taken care of. You might have an inherent attraction for very immature men who just don’t know how to fend for themselves; the ones who you need to be constantly looking after. And that’s fine. It’s always nice to feel needed in a relationship. You always want to be with someone who allows you to take care of them. However, you shouldn’t be so willing to be with someone who depends on you to do most of the heavy lifting in the relationship.

That’s why at the earliest signs of being in a relationship with an immature individual, you need to check out as soon as you can. It’s either that or you force him to tidy his act up. You need to tell him to grow up or get out. There is no way that you are ever going to be able to find happiness in a relationship with him if you just constantly allow him to be his immature self. Here are a few signs that you’re definitely in a relationship with an immature guy who can’t take care of himself.

1. He doesn’t follow his words up with real actions.

He’s all talk. He doesn’t really back his words up with any real actions. He doesn’t really live up to the idea of being able to follow your promises up by coming through for a person. He doesn’t walk the walk in the relationship.

2. He relies on you for financial support.

He treats you like his personal cash cow. He probably doesn’t have a job and he’s always relying on your pity for money. He always turns to you for cash whenever you guys go out because he just can’t support himself on a financial level.

3. He doesn’t really have any career plans.

He doesn’t really make any plans for his career. It’s as if he’s just content with coasting and going wherever the waves take him. He doesn’t come to any decisions on his own and he’s playing a mere spectator to his own life.

4. He feels entitled to everything in the relationship.

He feels like he has the right to everything in life even though he doesn’t necessarily work hard for it – and this kind of philosophy carries over into your relationship as well. He feels entitled to dictate how you should be living your life.

5. He lets you make all the plans and decisions.

He defers to you for all the decision-making and the planning in the relationship. He obviously can’t think for himself and make his own mind up on anything important.

6. He has a very messy lifestyle overall.

He is physically messy and emotionally messy. When you look at his living quarters, everything seems so out of place. And it’s a pattern that is present throughout all aspects of his life at this point. He’s just a pretty messy guy overall who can’t seem to pick up after himself.

7. He has a tendency to procrastinate in life.

He procrastinates on everything. He is always putting things off until someone tries to step in and pick up the slack for him.

8. You find yourself having to make excuses for him a lot.

You notice that so many people are telling you about his terribly immature habits, but you keep on making excuses for him. You feel so tired of having to defend him to all of your closest friends and family.

9. His roommates aren’t all that fond of him.

The people who are always with him hate him precisely because he lets them do all of the adult work.

10. He doesn’t engage in serious conversations with you.

He is too immature to actually engage in serious discussions with you. He is so shallow that he is virtually incapable of getting anything of depth into his head. He’s always just wanting to discuss the shallow stuff; the little things. He also doesn’t find value in having difficult conversations that will just make him awkward.

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