Strong Woman Would Rather Be Single Than Waste Their Time On An Immature Douchebag

All around the world, strong and independent women are making names for themselves. They are really disrupting the dynamics of human life and are shaking things up with their courage, bravery, strength, intelligence, and resilience. There are just so many women out there who are worth emulating; women who are worth being proud of. These are the types of girls who are so good at just figuring out what they want out of life and going after it with a reckless abandon. These are the women who don’t live life on the sidelines. They are constantly working towards their dreams, and they are always going after the things that they think they deserve.

The thing about an alpha woman is that she really knows her worth. She knows that she is deserving of great things and that there’s no reason for her to settle whatsoever. Alpha women are ladies who know that they have to put in the work for the things that they want the most, and they aren’t afraid of putting in that effort. They don’t just sit around waiting for the next big thing to come. They are constantly in motion. They are always moving; striving to be better women both for themselves and for the world at large.

And as a guy, there is ONE THING about an alpha woman that you should know about up front: she is never going to allow her life or legacy to be defined by a man.

You shouldn’t see her as a dainty and submissive woman who is going to bend at your will. She isn’t the kind of girl who is always going to leave the decision-making up to you. She is not going to let her sense of self-worth be defined by whether she’s in a relationship or not. She defines her own worth. She is in control of her own life. She is responsible for everything that she does. She is a courageous woman who isn’t afraid of living life alone if required. She is the kind of lady who isn’t afraid of taking on the challenges that society might throw her way. She has been through quite a lot in life, and she knows that happiness isn’t something that you can just wait for. It’s something that you always need to pursue.

She has already wasted so much of her valuable time and energy on people and relationships that just didn’t end up being worth it. She has been disappointed so many times by so many different men who just couldn’t live up to her standards; men who just couldn’t give her what she needed from them in relationships. She has wasted so much of her energy trying to fix broken and toxic men in the past. But now, she’s done. She has realized that you should never have to fight too hard to keep a toxic person in your life. She now knows that the people who are worth loving are those who are going to stay regardless. She now understands that sometimes, her love isn’t going to be able to fix a broken person – an asshole. She now knows that she only has so much love to give; and that she should only ever be giving it to guys who are worth it at this point.

And don’t think that it’s easy being her. It’s not. The point of her being so strong is precise because she isn’t just like everyone else. She isn’t your average girl. She’s far from it. She is an alpha female. And she’s going to set herself apart all of the time. And if you think that winning her heart is going to be easy, then you have another thing coming.

She is a woman who has incredibly high standards because she knows that that is what it’s going to take to make a relationship work. She is a woman who is going to demand loyalty, commitment, and maturity because she is done wasting her time with men who couldn’t give her these things. She is a woman who is ALWAYS going to give her ALL to the relationship – and that’s why she isn’t going to expect anything less from any man she’s going to date in the future. She is the kind of woman who is always going to fight for her love; but if she feels like you’re not willing to fight that same fight, she’s going to leave you.

At the end of the day, an alpha woman isn’t going to love you because she needs you in her life. She doesn’t need you at all. And that’s why you should consider it a big privilege for an alpha woman to CHOOSE to love you. Despite the fact that she doesn’t need to be with you, she still chooses to stay. So, don’t let her slip away.

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