Strong Women Would Prefer To Be Alone Than With A**hole Men

Strong women are definitely unafraid of being alone. Strong women know that there is actually some value in being able to embrace individuality and solitude. Strong women understand that they don’t need to be in relationships to make their way through this world. They know that they never have to tie their sense of self-worth to whether they are in relationships or not. Strong women know that they are perfectly capable of finding happiness on their own. Strong women know that they are capable of being at peace even when they’re on their own. Of course, it sounds simple and easy enough, right? But the truth is that this kind of woman is a genuine rarity.

There are very few women out there who are like her. She is someone who really embraces her freedom. She is someone who really values whatever time she can get to herself. And that’s generally why she doesn’t want to be wasting any of her time with useless men who only try to bring her down; men who do absolutely nothing of value for her. Dating can be a very complicated social process that a lot of us partake in. A lot of us can get so lost in dating to the point that we actually let it consume us. We are so desperate to find love that we are willing to devote practically all of our time to it. And that’s unhealthy. We can’t let that happen.

We can’t allow our pursuit of love to take control of the way that we live our lives. We shouldn’t let ourselves get to the point wherein we are spending more time looking for people to be with than just being completely comfortable with our own individual selves. She is the kind of woman who understands that there is so much value and meaning in being able to be on her own; in making the most of the time that she has for herself. She understands that independence and dignity are things that can’t be bought in a store and she is never going to take these things for granted.

Granted, it is a lot easier to just aspire to be a strong woman. It is a whole lot easier just thinking about what it takes to actually be a strong woman. But it’s another thing entirely to actually live up to being a strong woman. She is the kind of girl who understands that she has to realize whenever people are trying to lie to her. She has to be the kind of woman who has her own back because she knows that there are so many ruthless people out there who let their selfishness get the best of them.

She is the kind of woman who really takes note of the way that other people treat her because she doesn’t want to be wasting her breath on those who aren’t treating her the right way. She is the kind of woman who isn’t going to just turn herself off to the idea of ever hanging out with other people. It’s just that she’s being protective of herself. She’s keeping guard. She is being her own watchman. She has her own back. She doesn’t want to be giving some assholes any chances to hurt her. She doesn’t want to be giving any guy an opportunity to wreak havoc in her life.

She is the kind of woman who is going to be absolutely uncompromising when it comes to things like honesty, respect, and loyalty. She is never going to be one who settles. She isn’t going to be lenient. She will be patient and understanding, for sure. She understands that not everyone is going to be perfect. However, you don’t get too many chances with her. If you really screw things up with her, then you’ve blown it. She won’t really entertain you anymore.

Actions always have to speak louder than words. One must always be able to back up what they say with real actions that can be felt and measured. It is absolutely vital that you don’t allow yourself to stay in unhealthy relationships in the hopes that all the problems will eventually sort themselves out.

She knows this. She understands this. She knows that being a strong woman is so much more than just telling people that she is strong. She knows that part of being a strong woman is being able to walk away from something – a hopeless situation. Not all relationships are going to be fixed by sheer strength. Sometimes, it takes greater strength to walk away from something than it just to stay.

A strong woman isn’t someone who forces herself into situations that aren’t meant for her. She’s the one who makes her own space for herself where she can be happy.

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